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Our students save time by reducing time spent on the payment of tuition and other fees!

You can achieve the same by booking your tuition payment online today with Zoni!.

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Zoni Portal

For Active Students

Make your payments on the same portal for classes. Reflected instantly or 1 minute loading in your account.
Easy as 1-2-3!


Transfer Mate

For Initial Students

Most partner accommodation providers require a deposit if you wish to stay in halls of residence or a shared apartment. If that is the case, you will find details of the deposit on our booking application, in the 'options, extras'. The deposit is US$200 on average, payable on arrival with cash or credit card, just like when you check into a hotel. It will be refunded upon your departure, once it has been confirmed that everything is in order.

Why Choose pay your tuition and fees online?

Instant Payouts

Funds are processed by banks as soon you click your confirmation. So, eliminate waiting time or holding for proper fund cleared.

Your parents and sponsors can pay for you.

No NSF Fees

Payment platforms typically charge $20-$40 per NSF, a fee that you end up having. With Zoni online payments, there is no NSF fee. Our team simply reaches out to you in order to resolve the payment.

Protected Financial Info

We never store any bank or card information on our servers or application. All sensitive payment information is tokenized and encrypted directly with banks, which remains the only way to ensure it cannot be accessed by any unauthorized third party.

No More Paper

When you manage all your payment plans directly from Zoni online payments, you won't need to worry about dealing with getting a receipt as your payment confirmation will generate directly from the bank directly to your email address so, paper anymore.

No more suspended accounts

Your payment will be directly to your student’s account, means your system never been suspended.

Automatic payment

You can set up your automatic payment so, the payments will be deducted from your account accordingly with your settings and payment expectations.

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