Standard Intensive English Program

Standard Intensive and Semi Intensive English Programs

These programs consist of different levels of English proficiency with corresponding courses that incorporate integrated English skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Additionally, you also study pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Our programs also include exciting curricular and extra curricular activities that complement your English studies. For instance, students can take part in educational filed trips and cultural activities within the New York Metropolitan area and nearby states. These activities are designed to give you the chance to practice English in real life situations and immerse with American culture.

If you want to master the English language, our Standard Intensive and Semi Intensive Programs give you a stronger foundation to proceed with your educational goals and aim for success.

Beginner Courses

The courses under this level gives students basic, integrated English skills. In addition, it encourages students to think in English, build up fluency and improve pronunciation. Students use the simple tenses to communicate in a simple way. This includes greetings, introductions, numbers, dates, time, adjectives, demonstratives, writing, spelling, and beginning vocabulary. By the end of the course, students can hold a two and three- way conversation and improve their oral fluency, listening and reading comprehension.

Intermediates Courses

The courses focus on increasing students’ accuracy and fluency, listening and reading comprehension. In addition, conversations are expanded to talk about past experiences, familiar topics, and other related matters. During the course, students conduct interviews and discuss a wide variety of topics. Moreover, the courses are designed to strengthen students’ skills in speaking using vocabulary words, phrasal verbs, and idioms. It enhances their reading, writing, and listening skills through varied activities on different themes. The courses help improve students’ use of structure and encourages them to use the language correctly.

High Intermediate

The courses are designed for high-intermediate level students. It reviews and expands upon major structures and introduces new skills through integrated activities. Students share their life experiences and learn about those of their classmates. Naturally, students continue to develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension. The lessons include reinforcement and expansion activities of using grammar structures in context in all the four skills. Additionally, students continue to develop their vocabulary knowledge and use them in context as well as reinforce their listening and reading comprehension and speaking skills through writing their journals, personal anecdotes and discussing and relating the readings to their own backgrounds. Furthermore, reading and writing skills are enhanced through the introduction of cohesive paragraph and essay writing and the use of appropriate vocabulary words. Moreover, students develop their ability to speak confidently through presentations of the different types of speeches such as informative, impromptu, persuasive and debates.


The courses are focused on listening, speaking, writing, and reading for comprehension. The students understand a wide range of complex structures, longer texts and comprehend inferences. A variety of listening and speaking activities that include vocabulary building, dialogues, interviews, and lectures, are provided. Students’ accuracy of grammar usage is developed to be able to write and speak better and produce clear and well structured, detailed text on complex topics and subjects. Students will have a solid command of structural English language and high vocabulary knowledge to understand advanced reading materials, and able to write essays as well as possess the speaking skills to confidently participate effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes.

Advanced Academic Courses

These courses with advanced academic level of English provide students a clearer understanding of American values and attitudes through the use of authentic listening and reading materials which will enable students to compare, and contrast opposing opinions and develop or reevaluate their own points of view. Students will explore a more academic vocabulary knowledge to allow for more sophisticated forms of expression, both orally and in writing. In addition, advanced students wanting to enrich their knowledge and use of academic vocabulary are achieved through extensive reading, vocabulary exercises, collaborative work, discussions, presentations, and writing. Students analyze readings and articles to provoke their critical thinking and develop their own opinions and conclusions.

The courses are also designed to integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills using the Internet for research activities. They enhance the skills of English learners who need to develop more integrated language skills and perform with ease and confidence in any communication transaction specifically academically and professionally.

Communication Strategies and Pronunciation Techniques (Conversation Classes)

There four (4) levels of English proficiency for Communication Strategies and Pronunciation Techniques (Conversation class) from Beginner to Advance provide students with essential real-life practice utilizing all skills learned throughout the different Standard Intensive and Semi Intensive courses.

The students develop fluency so they can communicate naturally using appropriate grammar and vocabulary in context and everyday English expressions. They can convey ideas with ease and confidence. Moreover, these courses provide students with more reinforcement, expansion, and practice activities to enhance their speaking skills.

Specific Skills Practice (SSP Courses)

These courses are geared towards the improvement and practice of integrated skills from Beginner to Advanced Academic proficiency levels. They are aligned to the Standard Intensive English Program to complement the student’s development and improvement of their knowledge and skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


In general, Elective Courses strengthen student’s proficiency level in acquiring integrated skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing to be well prepared for college, graduate studies, future jobs, and professional endeavors. The elective courses enrich the Standard Intensive and Semi Intensive curricula through the reinforcement of vocabulary building activities, accurate grammar usage and pronunciation exercises, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Furthermore, the courses diversify the students’ knowledge in language acquisition and reinforce their critical thinking skills. The elective courses are for students who have an advanced level of English proficiency which includes ESL for Business, Advanced Vocabulary, Academic Listening & Speaking, Pronunciation /Accent Reduction, Current Events, American Culture & Film, English for Specific Purposes. Also, there are review and preparation courses such as TOEFLiBT, Cambridge ESOL, IELTS, and Pearson Test of English (PTE) for students to be admitted to American colleges and universities and pursue their college studies.

ESL - For Specialized Fields

These additional elective courses, ESL for specialized fields such as ESL for Introduction to Accounting, ESL for Accounting (Intermediate), ESL for Accounting (Advanced I), English for Accounting (Advanced II), ESL for Keyboarding (Basic Course), ESL for Keyboarding for Information Processing, ESL for Keyboarding (Advanced Course), ESL for Introduction to the MAC, ESL for Introduction to MS Word, ESL for Using Apple iMovie, ESL for Using Adobe Photoshop, ESL for Using the Internet and ESL for Business Communications are for specific group of learners whose language needs are focused in acquiring English skills to practice their profession. The methodology similar to ESL teaching and learning is student centered and in the context of the “linguistic characteristics of their specialist area of work or study.”

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