Choose the accommodation for your language course abroad

We help you find accommodation with nice options offered by a third party, some of the options included:

Host family

Homestay is recommended for students who wish to experience the way of life and culture of a new country. Living in a private home with a host family offers a warm and secure way to immerse yourself in the daily life of the country you are visiting. Living in a home with a family, you will often make more progress in your language skills because you get to practice the language in a real-life situation after your classes end. You will pick up expressions with greater ease, and your accent will sound more authentic. Homestay families usually offer affordable meal plans that allow you to sample the local cuisine and save a significant amount of money.

Student residence

Residential accommodation facilities are hotels/hostels that offer very attractive prices because of their links with our schools’ destinations. You will stay with other students as well as tourists and other foreign students of the school. Residence dining rooms and bars are excellent places to meet people.

Shared apartment

In a shared student apartment, you will stay with other students and/or locals. You will have a single room to yourself and enjoy complete independence, including use of a kitchen, while living with people sharing a similarly independent outlook. Remember that the type of furniture and all utensils are not always going to be the newest or most modern. Ask for photos or video tour of the facilities before booking.

Hotels / apartments

This is a typical for a very short program because it is possible to stay in a rented apartment or hotel room during your study, but this option tends to be more expensive. Most apartments or flats include a kitchen, a bedroom and a private bathroom. Most of our schools provide some assistance with hotel reservations or you can reserve a hotel on your own.

Courses without accommodation

It is possible to enroll with Zoni schools for the courses only and make your own accommodation arrangements. If you have friends abroad or wish to arrange your own accommodation, please let us know. You will only pay the price of the course without any supplement. If you are interested in renting an apartment alone or with other students, the best way is to enroll in one of the accommodation plans for the first week(s), giving you time to make friends and make the necessary arrangements (Common for student enrolled in long stay program).


Most partner accommodation providers require a deposit if you wish to stay in halls of residence or a shared apartment. If that is the case, you will find details of the deposit on our booking application, in the 'options, extras'. The deposit is US$200 on average, payable on arrival with cash or credit card, just like when you check into a hotel. It will be refunded upon your departure, once it has been confirmed that everything is in order.

Other term used is “Board type”

Board refers to the meals that go along with housing options. There are generally four options to choose from:

  • Breakfast only
  • Breakfast and dinner (half board)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (full board)
  • No meals (self-catering)

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