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Key Aspects of Zoni's Educational Tours

Zoni Tours is a globally recognized organization specializing in creating customized school trips and educational tours. With a focus on providing valuable learning experiences beyond the classroom, Zoni Tours designs excursions led by teachers, tour guides, or educational experts.

Zoni Tours align with specific learning objectives, covering subjects such as history, science, art, and culture.

Participants engage in hands-on experiences, experiments, and visits to educational sites.

Expert Guidance

Knowledgeable guides lead Zoni Tours, providing insights and context related to the subject matter.

Zoni Tours integrate multiple disciplines into a single experience, enhancing the learning process.

Zoni Tours can be local or international, depending on educational objectives and resources.

Safety is a priority, with students supervised by teachers, chaperones, or tour leaders.

Each tour is aligned with specific learning outcomes, ensuring alignment with the curriculum.

Educational Zoni Tours enhance academic knowledge, critical thinking skills, and cultural education engaging and memorable.


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We cut cost on overhead to provide quality


Mission Statement

Since 1991 Zoni has provided students with exceptional learning and travel experiences around the world.

As a family-owned global organization, Zoni Tours is revolutionizing the tour industry by eliminating top executive roles and passing the savings on to each traveler, allowing them to make the world their classroom!

Zoni Tours specializes in advising, planning, and customizing travel options to any destination. We offer fun, educational tours and field trips, without sacrificing quality, safety, or compromising on customer satisfaction.

Your Zoni Educational Tours Team

Zoni Tours' Educational Tour Coordinators and Directors play a pivotal role in creating enriching educational travel experiences, aligning with academic, cultural, and personal objectives. Their expertise ensures participants make the most of their educational travel opportunities.

Educational Tour Directors

Develops programs, ensures educational alignment, customization, risk assessment, safety and security, evaluation of Zoni Tours, compliance, networking, and promotion.

Tour Managers

Guides, educators, and facilitators on Zoni Tours, with in-depth knowledge of destinations. Ensure a captivating experience for students, ease for teachers, and group anticipation.

Traveler Support Team

Assist in planning, handle logistics, budgeting, documentation, and promote cultural sensitivity.

Tour Coordinators

Assist in planning, handle logistics, budgeting, documentation, and promote cultural sensitivity.

Getting Ready to Travel

  • A passport is required for all Zoni trips abroad, except for Canada (depending on age and mode of travel).
  • Birth certificates are required for students under 19 traveling to Canada by bus.
  • Visa requirements vary by destination; Zoni assists in visa processing for many countries.
  • Non-U.S. citizens must ensure proper documentation for entry and reentry.
  • Budget around $50 USD per day for spending money.
  • Use credit cards and ATMs for convenience; inform your bank before traveling.
  • Tips for managing finances, including using local currency and being cautious with foreign cash.

  • Use Wi-Fi for text messaging and video chat to stay connected.
  • Consider international phone plans or prepaid phones for calls.
  • Share your journey through social media with designated hashtags.
  • Zoni Tour Journals will be posted online daily and your family/friends can follow your journey.
  • Pack light as porterage services may not be available; opt for carry-on luggage.
  • Smart packing tips, including checking weather, layering clothes, and bringing essentials.
  • Be aware of electric current differences and luggage guidelines.
  • Prior to departure we will send you a suggested packing list based upon the weather and activities outlined in your itinerary.
  • Adhere to behavior guidelines .
  • Respect local culture, be adaptable, and embrace new experiences.
  • Violations may result in consequences, including dismissal from the group.

  • Zoni encourages participants to share their travel experiences through photos and videos.
  • Contests with opportunities to win prizes are held throughout the year.

What to Expect on Your Zoni Educational Trip

Anticipate enjoyment, embrace adventure, and look forward to returning with tales you'll share with family and friends for years to come. Our tours are meticulously crafted by seasoned travel experts who aim for you to maximize your tour experience and leave with a renewed enthusiasm for future travels.

Daily Schedule

Each Zoni tour strikes the perfect balance between carefully planned educational excursions and ample free time for exploration. Your daily itinerary naturally varies based on your location, the tour type, and whether it's a more immersive, travel-focused experience or a leisurely single-city program.

Typically, your day begins early, followed by breakfast and a morning excursion. This might include a guided sightseeing tour, cultural immersion, museum visit (often with priority access to bypass long lines), or a guided walking tour. After a break for lunch, you'll partake in another engaging activity. Dinners are enjoyed within the city, and your evenings are free to discover the city's enchanting nighttime charm.

Cultural Connections

Our Cultural Connections, a part of each Zoni national and international tour, elevate cultural comprehension, even within our local communities where differences can be found. These immersive experiences, like mastering flamenco dance steps or participating in a French cooking class, enable even local high school students to perceive the culture and history of a place from a fresh perspective. It represents the pinnacle of experiential learning.


Here at Zoni, we ensure your tour experience is optimized by selecting accommodations exclusively from the three- and four-star category, strategically located near the central attractions you've come to experience.


Our approach goes beyond simply offering genuine, delectable, and fulfilling meals. Our dinners evolve into cultural immersions as we dine in local restaurants. Breakfasts are typically included at your hotel, and lunch is typically an individual choice. Rest assured, your Tour Manager will be there to guide you towards affordable and delectable dining options.

Planning a Zoni Educational Tour for Tour Leaders and Educators

Planning with Zoni Educational Tours is designed to be a straightforward and efficient process, allowing tour leaders and educators to focus on preparing students for an enriching adventure.

  • Explore Zoni's diverse itineraries to find an adventure aligned with your vision.

  • Consult with Zoni Educational Tour Coordinators for personalized assistance and customization.

  • Leverage Zoni's esteemed reputation to simplify the admin approval process.

  • Zoni provides materials and information about the educational benefits of their trips.

  • Host an evening gathering or virtual session to explain the transformative impact of educational travel and share your travel plans.

  • Zoni provides a tailored PowerPoint presentation and video to support the event and one of our tour directors can attend upon request.

Participants can conveniently register online, building excitement for the upcoming trip.

Promote the trip, share news, and maintain enthusiasm through additional gatherings and social media connections.

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With the group assembled and registered, embark on the adventure with Zoni's Tour Managers guiding the way.

Planning a successful educational tour requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the destination, itinerary, budget, and safety measures. At Zoni Educational Tours, we have over 33 years of experience in planning and executing educational tours that meet the unique needs and interests of our clients. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design a customized tour that aligns with your educational goals and budget, while ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants. Trust us to help you plan an unforgettable educational experience!

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Safety & Security

Ensuring Safety and Security for every Zoni Educational Tour.

Highly skilled Zoni Tour Managers collaborate closely with group leaders, covering security protocols and having access to a 24-hour emergency line.

Continuous oversight of safety-related incidents with proactive measures to enhance security.

Tour leaders receive safety-related information before departure and set guidelines for free-time activities.

Adherence to U.S. State Department and Department of Education guidance, with informed decision-making based on daily updates from the CDC and WHO.

Zoni offices strategically located globally, ensuring on-the-ground support when needed.

Zoni Educational Tours prioritizes the well-being of participants, providing a robust safety and support system developed over 33 years. Tour leaders and educators can trust in Zoni's commitment to creating unforgettable and safe educational experiences.

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