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Our courses are delivered in fully equipped classrooms. Our classes are interactive, academic, and enjoyable. Moreover, we teach students the importance of social communication as an essential part of the learning process.


Our courses are always affordable and are available at all of our locations. As a result, we have strong multicultural classrooms and provide top-quality, innovative English classes.

Furthermore, we have an “open enrollment” system. This means students can start their course the Monday following their enrollment.


Learning from qualified English teachers is the best way to improve your English. Moreover, practice in an English- speaking environment ensures your success. At Zoni we provide exceptional English courses, fantastic, qualified English-speaking teachers, and exciting locations. Our goal is to always go 'beyond the conventional'.

Zoni Classroom Protocols due to the Covid 19

The protocols outlined below are intended to help Zoni employees ensure the health and safety of faculty and students in teaching and learning spaces on Zoni campuses. COVID-19 conditions may change and as a result, Zoni will adapt and alter its procedures as necessary.

Zoni Classroom Protocols due to the Covid 19

  • Zoni will provide appropriate social distancing for students in all instructional and learning spaces.
  • Social distancing may be adjusted in Zoni instructional and learning spaces where:
    • seating is fixed to the floor;
    • seating varies in the width of and spacing between seats;
    • limitations due to instructional activities;
    • Course scheduling logistics necessitate flexibility.

Group work and other teaching /learning scenarios that require close contact between students and instructors should be avoided unless such practices can accommodate social distancing (6 feet of separation);

All students and instructors will be required to wear face coverings in the classroom. Students may request accommodations for the face covering requirement from the Campus Leads, who will respond to their needs.

Pedestrian Traffic Flow

Each room should have an entrance and exit sign (all doors should indicate to use in case of emergency);

Where possible separate doors should be used to enter and exit to help encourage social distancing;

Student should be directed to move to the first open seat furthest from the door they entered through;

Instructors should dismiss students from class starting with the row closest to the marked exit door(s) so that students can maintain social distancing;

A diagram for classrooms should be provided with traffic flow arrows (using the same diagram addressed in the Signage section).

Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning guidelines for non-infected areas by Facilities Management.

At least once daily:

  • Disinfect all door handles/knobs including outsidee
  • Disinfect light switches
  • Disinfect conference room tables
  • Disinfect common use counter tops
  • Disinfect instructor and facilitator stations
  • Disinfect tables, desks, and high-touch areas

Frequent cleaning/sanitizing: classrooms that are used more than four times per day will receive a “mid- day” cleaning by Facilities personnel—to include cleaning/sanitizing the instructor station and equipment, student work areas, doorknobs, light switches, chairs, etc.

  1. Students attending the class will be provided with sanitizing wipes to clean their area;
  2. Instructors will be asked to perform the frequent cleaning for their teaching station and provided specialized cleaning supplies at the instructor station;
  3. Variations of this process may be implemented by all campuses and campuses as long as the minimum cleaning/sanitizing expectations are met.

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