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We understand that students want to learn English they will actually use. Keeping this in mind, we created a curriculum that reflects real life. Our students learn everyday English and enjoy programs tailored to their needs. However, this is not all. Our students also experience new cultures, develop points of view, and make friends from all over the world. This is why Zoni Language Centers is one of the best English schools in New York and New Jersey.

Meet Zoni Language Centers:

Zoni Language Centers was founded by Zoilo C. Nieto in 1991. Zoni is an English school with campuses in the United States, New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Hempstead and New Jersey: West New York, Elizabeth, Passaic, Newark and Palisades Park and Florida: Miami and its partner schools in the UK and Canada. In total, we have 14 language centers in amazing destinations. At Zoni, we offer a range of Intensive English Programs and standard English courses including practical, everyday English. Regardless of your English level, we have a class for you.

Since 1991, hundreds of thousands of students have studied English at Zoni. Our goal is to help you master writing, reading, speaking, listening and English that you can and will use every single day. To achieve this, we use a variety of teaching methods. In addition, all of our teachers are college-educated and experienced and no Zoni teacher is allowed to teach without a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or a bachelor’s degree. As a result, our students improve their English quickly.

Here is our aim and detailed information:

Who are we?

Meet our team

At Zoni Language Centers we are extremely proud of the breadth of talented and passionate educators and administrators who make up our teachers, advisors and assistants, and who all share a 'students first' ethos.

Zoni is committed to retaining and recruiting highly qualified and passionate staff to support students. We welcome you to get in touch with any questions through our Contact Us page.

Our President & Founder

Our President & Founder brings vast experience in education, school management and a variety of skills and experiences related industries. He is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence at Zoni and ensuring it provides our community, not simply with an outstanding school, but a quality education to prepare our students for their future.

Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership team has been carefully selected for their experience in ensuring both the highest level of success, and the care for our students.

Operations team

Meet the wonderful team that ensures ZONI runs smoothly, providing a warm welcoming place for everyone in our community.


ZONI is exceptionally proud of our impressive faculty of teachers, subject specialists and academic leads/advisors recruited from all corners of the globe. We are continually amazed by the talent and passion embodied by all our staff and their ability to promote a supportive yet challenging world-class learning environment in which our students can thrive.


Zoni Language Centers has accreditations and affiliations from the government and reputable organizations. This means that Zoni has to undergo rigorous reviews by government and industry organizations. This ensures our schools maintain the highest quality standards especially in delivering services to our students and helping them to achieve their English learning goals.

At Zoni, we strive to continuously enhance and upgrade our programs. This allows us to maintain our credibility and integrity as an innovative English language institution. Zoni Language Centers is committed to providing the highest standards and best practices.

The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA)

Accredited by CEA

aboutusAffiliations5 accepted CEA standards, pursue continuous improvement, and be recognized for doing so. CEA conducts accreditation activities in the U.S. and internationally.

See this document for filing a complaint against a CEA Accredited Program

The following Zoni Language Centers sites are accredited by CEA:

Zoni Language Centers - Manhattan (NY), Zoni Language Centers - Jackson Heights (NY), Zoni Language Centers - Flushing (NY), Zoni Language Centers - Brooklyn (NY), Zoni Language Centers - Hempstead (NY), Zoni Language Centers - Elizabeth (NJ), Zoni Language Centers - West New York (NJ), Zoni Language Centers - Newark (NJ), Zoni Language Centers - Passaic (NJ), Zoni Language Centers - Palisades Park (NJ) and Zoni Language Centers Miami (FL).

"Licensed by the State of New York"

Zoni Language Centers in New York are licensed as English Language Schools by the New York State Education Department.

The following Zoni Language Centers are licensed by the New York State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary Schools:



Jackson Heights



Zoni Language Centers in New Jersey of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Zoni Language Center in New Jersey is certified as private career school.

The following Zoni Language Centers are certified by the Zoni Language Centers in New Jersey of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development:

West New York




Palisades Park

Student and Exchange Visitor Program | ICE

Zoni Language Centers authorized by the U.S. Department of Immigration to enroll non-immigrant foreign students at the following locations:




Jackson Heights


West New York (New Jersey)



Our Schools and Curriculum:

At Zoni, we have a student-centered approach to teaching. Our curriculum combines learning techniques such as, Direct Method, Total Physical Response, Communicative Approach and Cooperative Learning. Meaning, your teachers use a very creative and you English.

Additionally, student welfare is extremely important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and supported. With this in mind, many of our staff speaks more than one language. This means we are always able to help regardless of your English level. 

Our campuses provide warm and productive learning environments. Our aim is to build students' confidence and encourage them to practice their English. In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in fun and informative lessons outside the classroom. Our schools are fully equipped with technology that allows for more interactive  teaching and learning. This classroom set -up encourages greater student participation, and in general provide an enriching learning environment. 

More than 6000 students (As of November 2020) from over 100 countries attend classes at Zoni every week. In fact, Zoni Language Centers is not only one of the best English schools in New York, it is also the largest English language school in the New York metropolitan area. Our students come from many different nationalities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and each contribute to the rich diversity of our school. Diversity is our strength and ultimately, Zoni students not only learn practical, everyday English, but also about the world around them.

Zoni Language Centers

Zoni Mission:

As an American organization, we are committed to providing an innovative and inclusive English language learning and teaching experience. We incorporate cutting-edge technology to promote global communication.

Zoni Vision:

Our 2025 vision is to continue as the leader in language education, expecting every Zoni employee adheres to the mission and values stated in our mandated policies and procedures. By 2025, Zoni will be the cornerstone of success for our students in their communities with the support of technology.

Our Affiliations & Accreditations:

Zoni's affiliations and accreditations from reputable organizations are very important. They affirm and establish our institution as a recognized English Language School. These accreditations help students to identify the most appropriate school for their needs and which will give them the best English education. The school's description of its affiliations by location is hereby indicated.

We could not accomplish our goals without the support and involvement of reputable organizations and agencies such as CEA, NYSED-BPSS, NJOE, DOLAWD, SEVP, Department of Employee Workforce and Development, ETS, Cambridge Admissions Testing, Pearson Longman Education, Oxford University Press, Heinle & Heinle National Geographic, University of Leicester MBA- Adult Distance Education & Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO).


Authorized Testing Center

Zoni Language Centers is the Venue Testing Center for the following:

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing ( University of Cambridge & University of Oxford)


Pearson Test of English ( PTE)


The Association Of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO)

ALTO brings together leading language travel agents, schools, and national associations as one global community. Membership is open to businesses, associations and the leaders of those organizations involved in language and/or educational travel.

Zoni Language Centers is a full member of ALTO.

535 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018