Zoni VIP tour to Disney World & Universal Studios

Zoni VIP tour to Disney World & Universal Studios

Offering students amazing activities and excursions is something that is very important to us. We want to help our students have experiences they wouldn’t usually have and create memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives! One such experience was our very special VIP Tour to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida held from March 22 – 26.

105 Students alongside teachers and staff from the Zoni New York and New Jersey campuses traveled by overnight bus to Florida to meet Mickey Mouse and see everything the Disney Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios had to offer. Although the bus journey was around 20 hours, students were able to sleep, get to know each other, listen to music, and enjoy the many different landscapes along the route. On the way the bus also made three stops in Chesapeake - Virginia, in South Carolina and in Jacksonville – Florida.

After arriving in Orlando and checking into the hotel, students had time to relax and freshen up before a “welcome” party held in the hotel lobby. This party, especially for Zoni students, allowed everyone to relax after the long journey and continue to get to know the other participants.

The next day, March 24th, students got up early to make the most of their time. After breakfast they traveled by bus to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. At the park they were split into small groups, before spending the morning enjoying rides in the Tomorrowland section of the park. Shortly before lunch the groups met for the Disney Festival Parade. The Festival Parade is a tribute to the tales of Fantasyland with characters and music from 12 Disney stories including Tangled, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. This brightly colored parade combines music, dance, and storytelling. The parade also pays tribute to the Disney villains. One of the parade highlights is the Steampunk-inspired Maleficent Dragon! It measures 53 feet in length and is 26 feet tall and even breathes fire! The Disney Festival Parade is one of the most spectacular Disney parades in terms of floats. The Zoni students were blown away by the spectacle – many seeing their favorite characters from childhood for the first time live! The parade was not the only place to see princesses. One of our very own Zoni students, dressed for the occasion and wore a Disney Princess dress for her visit to the park!

After eating, students got to go on the Frontierland and Adventure Island rides. However, the day wasn’t over yet! Before dinner students watched the Disney Adventure Friends and Cavalcade Parade on Main Street. Finally, the students wrapped up a magical day with the Disney Enchantment Fireworks display. The show takes place around Cinderella’s castle and includes the use of lasers, projections, and music as well as traditional fireworks. Zoni students were very lucky to catch Disney Enchantment. The show was launched to celebrate Disney’s 50th anniversary and only ran until April 02, 2023. Luisa, a staff member from our Manhattan campus said “I had a great time watching (literally) enchanting fireworks. The fireworks were undoubtedly one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for the students. I think my most memorable moment of the trip was seeing students with tears in their eyes while watching the fireworks show.”

On the last day of this incredible trip, students got to experience Universal Studios where they could enjoy a mixture of rides, stunt shows and other exciting tv and movie-related activities. Some of the most popular from Gringotts multi-dimensional ride and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem motion simulator. At the end of an action-packed day Students ate dinner on the Universal Studios Boardwalk before heading to the bus for the journey back to New York.

Aside from giving students an unforgettable VIP experience, the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios trip provided them with numerous opportunities to practice their English, build friendships with students from different classes and campuses and learn more about American pop culture icons! Chaperone Luisa commented: “Zoni field trips are the best opportunity for students to make friends outside of school and experience new things. I strongly recommend students to take advantage of as many school trips as possible!” The next Zoni Field Trip is to Washington DC and will take place in May. More information is available on campus.

If you would like to read about some of our other amazing activities for students visit our blog: https://www.zoni.edu/Blog.html – there you will find a number of articles about some of the exciting things we have done.

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