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Methods and Strategies for Teaching English Online to Children
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1. Commitment

The teacher sets the mood for students to feel comfortable by giving them full attention. They should be pleasant, smile a lot, be kind, and friendly to establish a good rapport. Students will feel comfortable with the teacher.

2. Total Physical Response (TPR)

The target structure is conveyed through actions. Students observe the actions, and students perform them themselves. The teacher uses physical head and body movement to explain sentences, grammatical structures, and vocabulary words.

3. Use of Props, Cards, and Games

To introduce discussion topics, reinforce lessons, provide visual aids for concepts, and keep students' attention.

4. Effective Use of Voice and Gestures

The teacher's voice should be gentle but audible in tone.

5. Body Language, Facial Expressions, and Gestures

The use of hands, facial expressions, and body language to present the teacher's points/lessons. These strategies maintain and captivate students' interest. This is effective for storytelling.

6. Choral Intonation Practice (CIP)

The teacher models correct pronunciation and intonation of new vocabulary, grammatical structures, sentences, and dialogues. Students follow the teacher orally.

7. Role Play

This is effective for conversation practices. Students are assigned roles and practice a target structure through dialogues. Students can build their self-confidence.


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