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Tam iş tanımı: Online ESL Teacher

Zoni teachers have fun delivering exceptional English language instruction to their online students worldwide. They are highly qualified and experienced teachers who bring years of teaching and life experience with them. Our teachers understand that language and culture and inseparable while demonstrating expertise in second language teaching techniques and methodologies, language acquisition theories and processes. They are experts in delivering instruction to second language learners utilizing scaffolding instruction.

Having fun every day as an ESL teacher! You will meet and teach wonderful people from all parts of the world and as you help them learn English, you will also get the opportunity to learn about their cultures and home countries.

Your role as an ESL teacher will include a number of responsibilities which will include but are not limited to:
- Recreating real word situations in on online classroom to help practice English
- Role playing with the students
- Helping with pronunciation by doing group repetitions and offering pronunciation tips
- Working with your students in groups
- Guiding the student instruction and learning experience
- Creating fun filled lessons that deliver results
- Providing a fun learning environment
- Monitoring and track student progress
- Seeking feedback from students, peers, and managers
- Setting self-developmental goals based on observations, feedback, and individual areas of passion
- Attending staff meetings and training sessions as directed by Academic Director
- Providing new and innovative ideas and techniques
- Comply with and enforce all school and online classroom policies
- Perform all other tasks as maybe assigned by the Academic Director


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
    Bachelor's degree in Education or related field
    Master's degree in TESOL highly preferred
  • At least one year teaching ESL online
  • ESL certification or willing to obtain within 3 months

Monday through Sunday
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
*Flexibility to choose any schedule

• Flexible schedule
- Part time or Full time
- Weekdays or Weekends
• Fully remote
• Work from the comfort of your home
• U.S. based organization
• Work with a global team
• Work-life balance
• Professional development
• Career development

* İstihdam fırsatları için arama firmalarından istenmeyen yardımları kabul etmiyoruz. Bu pozisyon için geçerli bir yazılı araştırma sözleşmesi olmadan gönderilen CV'ler/özgeçmişler yalnızca şirketimizin mülkiyetinde sayılacaktır. Önceden var olan bir anlaşma olmaksızın, talep edilmeden acente yönlendirmeleri yoluyla işe alınan adaylar için ücret ödemiyoruz. Acentelik anlaşmalarının mevcut olduğu durumlarda, tanıtımlar pozisyona özeldir. Lütfen telefon görüşmesi yapmayın veya e-posta göndermeyin.



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