Tour Overview

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • All transportation between cities and sites within the itinerary
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Breakfast each morning at the hotel
  • Five dinners, including a traditional asado
  • Guided tour of Buenos Aires city center
  • Visit to Avenida 9 de Julio
  • Visit to Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Visit to Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada
  • Admission to Teatro Colón
  • Admission to MARCO
  • Guided tour of La Boca
  • Tango lesson
  • Mate workshop
  • Admission to Stadium Monumental and Museo River
  • Visit to Museo Sitio de Memoria ESMA
  • Visit to Recoleta Cemetery
  • Visit to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
  • Visit to Plaza Francia
  • Admission to MALBA Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires
  • Admission to cultural performance
  • Admission to Tigre Delta boat tour
  • Free Tour Leaders (1 per 15 paying students)
  • Zoni Tour Manager

Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires

Arrive in Buenos Aires and meet your Zoni Tour Manager at the hotel for luggage drop-off.

Start your exploration of Buenos Aires with a guided walking tour of the city center. This tour will introduce students to the bustling streets, historic architecture, and vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Visit Avenida 9 de Julio, known as the widest avenue in the world, and visit the obelisk as traffic zips by.

Explore the Metropolitan Cathedral, where you can view the final resting place of General José de San Martín, one of Argentina’s founding fathers. This is the church where Pope Francis served as archbishop for 15 years before leaving for Rome.

Enjoy a delicious Argentine lunch on your own.

Continue the tour with a stop at the Plaza de Mayo, where so many historical events have taken place. You can see the headscarves that represent the famed Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo who marched to demand the return of their children during the Dirty War period and learn more about what has happened here over the decades.

View the Casa Rosada the stunning pink building that serves as the center Argentina’s government.

Visit Teatro Colón, one of National Geographic's top ten opera houses and explore its grandeur during a guided tour.

Enjoy a traditional Argentine welcome dinner at a local restaurant.

Return to your hotel to rest after an action-packed day.

Day 2: La Boca and Tango

Have breakfast at your hotel to energize yourself for the day.

Head out to the MARCO, or the Museum of Contemporary Art. This relatively new museum provides studios and exhibition space for contemporary artists and has a permanent collection of over 800 pieces.

Continue to one of the most artistic parts of the city, the colorful La Boca neighborhood. Take a guided walking tour and stroll along the vibrant streets, known for their iconic multi-colored houses, street art, and cultural charm. The nearby port is where many immigrants disembarked in Argentina and the neighborhood continues to have a vibrant, multicultural vibe.

Enjoy lunch in La Boca at your own expense.

Argentina is perhaps best known for its captivating tango culture. This dance, a fusion of African and European rhythms, is everywhere in Buenos Aires, but it developed here in La Boca. Immerse yourself in the world of tango with a dance lesson and see just how intricate and beautiful it really is.

Take some free time to explore and shop in the area, taking in the sights and sounds of this neighborhood.

Eat dinner at a local restaurant with live tango music and dance performances.

Return to your hotel to rest after an exciting day of exploration and dance.

Day 3: Cultural Immersion and Argentine History

Breakfast at the hotel

Participate in a traditional Argentine mate-drinking session, a symbol of Argentine culture and hospitality. Learn about the customs and rituals associated with this iconic beverage.

Engage in more cultural exploration by visiting El Monumental, home of the famous River Plate soccer team. You'll enjoy a visit to the museum to learn about the history of this fútbol club and then take a tour of the stadium to experience a bit of what fans and players live through in this place where soccer dreams come true.

Have lunch on your own at a local restaurant

Head to the Museo Sitio de Memoria ESMA. This museum, dedicated to the memory of the disappeared, tells the story of the Argentine Dirty War. Between 1976 and 1983, Argentina was ruled by a military dictatorship that systematically kidnapped and executed dissenters. Here you will interact with the stories of survivors of the government kidnappings and see objects and artifacts shared by them and the families of those who disappeared. This site is a former secret prison and concentration camp where nearly 5000 people were illegally detained and now serves a reminder to never again let silence win.

Take some time near the museum to debrief and answer questions that might have come up during the tour. Learn about the country's difficult history and remember the importance of facing hard truths and seeking a more inclusive society.

Enjoy a group dinner at a local eatery with more time for debriefing as necessary.

Return to your hotel and prepare for the next day.

Day 4: Art and Culture in Buenos Aires

Breakfast at the hotel.

Explore the historic Recoleta Cemetery, where you can find the graves of notable figures, from actors to Nobel Prize winners, and perhaps most famously, Eva Perón, former first lady of Argentina whose life inspired the musical Evita.

Visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes to appreciate Argentina's fine arts heritage. With over 100 years of history and more than 12,000 pieces, there's something for everyone here.

Take a walk through Plaza Francia and the surrounding park enjoying the fresh air and the monuments scattered around the grounds.

Enjoy lunch on your own at a nearby restaurant.

Visit the MALBA (Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires), home to an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Explore works by renowned Latin American artists and gain insights into the region’s artistic heritage. With works by artists from the Caribbean to South America, you can see the similarities in themes and the unique perspectives of each culture.

Relax and shop for souvenirs at either Alcorta Shopping Mall or Alto Palermo Shopping Mall.

Savor authentic Argentine food at a local restaurant.

Attend a cultural performance at one of the city's many theaters taking in the unique beauty of Argentine culture.

Return to your hotel for the night.

Day 5: Tigre Delta Day Trip

Start with breakfast at your hotel.

Set out on a day trip to the Tigre Delta, a unique network of islands and waterways. The delta is a peaceful contrast to the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. Take some time to hike and expore the shops along the shore.

Stop for lunch at your own expense in the Tigre area, known for its fresh seafood and riverside dining.

Explore the delta by boat, passing picturesque houses and lush vegetation as you drift down the rivers that converge in this place.

Enjoy some free time to explore the delta and take some pictures among the stunning scenery before returning to Buenos Aires.

For dinner, experience a traditional Argentine asado, a barbecue feast featuring various cuts of meat, including the famous Argentine steaks served with fresh chimichurri.

Return to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 6: Departure

Have your final Argentine breakfast at the hotel and check out.

Take some time for last-minute shopping at local markets.

Depart for the airport, where you'll make your way home, taking with you unforgettable memories of your educational and culturally enriching journey through Buenos Aires.

Board your flight and return home remembering everything Argentina's capital has to offer.

Must Know

Rich Cultural Exposure: This itinerary offers students an immersive experience in Argentina's vibrant culture, including visits to renowned museums, historical sites, and cultural performances, fostering a deep appreciation for Argentine heritage.

Educational Opportunities: The tour includes visits to significant cultural and historical sites such as museums and neighborhoods, offering valuable educational insights into art, history, and culture. Students will learn about Argentina's rich heritage firsthand.

Diverse Activities: The itinerary strikes a balance between cultural exploration and hands-on experiences. Students will participate in activities like tango lessons, mate-drinking sessions, and stadium tours, ensuring an engaging and well-rounded trip.

Unforgettable Memories: Students will return home with lasting memories of their educational and cultural journey through Buenos Aires, fostering a deeper understanding of Argentina's art, traditions, and way of life.

  • Spanish is the official language of Argentina. While some people speak English, it's helpful to know basic Spanish phrases as you navigate the city.
  • Buenos Aires has a temperate climate. Bring layers as temperatures can vary throughout the day and be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip. Remember that because Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to what they are in the United States. Their winter is our summer, and their fall is our spring.
  • The standard voltage in Argentina is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz and Type C and I plugs are used. Travelers will need converters and adapters for their electronic devices.
  • The official currency is the Argentine Peso (ARS). It is advised that you carry a small amount of cash in the local currency when you travel, but you will also have access to cash through ATMs throughout the country. Contact your bank before traveling to prevent any issues.
  • Respect local customs and traditions by showing appreciation for the culture, being punctual, and practicing good manners. Be sure to demonstrate respect for the memory of the dead, especially when visiting the cemetery and the Museo Sitio de Memoria ESMA.

  • Travel time to and from various parts of the country may modify these itineraries.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date.
  • It is your responsibility to determine if you need a visa to enter Argentina, and ensure you have the necessary travel authorizations.
  • Itineraries are fully customizable.
  • Flexible payment plans are available.

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