Celebrating Excellence: Zoni's Glittering Awards Ceremony

On December 15, 2023, Zoni hosted a spectacular event to celebrate excellence within its organization.

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This grand occasion saw the recognition of the hardworking and dedicated Zoni staff, who have played an integral role in the continuous evolution and development of Zoni as a whole.

The highlight of the evening was the special recognition awarded to Mr. Mario Cruz, who has devoted over 30 years of his life not only to Zoni but also to the countless individuals whose lives have been positively impacted by his unwavering dedication to teaching.

Zoni Awards 2023

The event, aptly named the "Global Performance Award," encompassed all the brands under the Zoni umbrella, including Zoni Kids, ZoniLive, Zoni Teaching Training School, Zoni Tours, Zoni American High School, Zoni Voice, Zoni Studios and Zoni Language Centers. With attendees from various corners of the world, including Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, and more, it truly represented the global reach and impact of Zoni.

The awards ceremony featured a diverse range of categories, honoring outstanding achievements and contributions across different aspects of Zoni's operations. These categories included awards for exceptional teachers, student services, administrative departments, and much more.

Zoni Awards categories

One of the most remarkable aspects of this celebration was the involvement of Zoni's students and alumni in selecting the best teachers. Additionally, seniority recognition was given to employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service, including individuals like Ms. Evina Torres (Vice President of Academic Affairs), Jaqueline Guana (Campus Maintenance), and Jeni Galindo (Campus Lead).

The list of awardees was extensive, recognizing talent from various departments and locations. Notable mentions included Taylor Ruiz (Zoni High School), Dayana Castano (Zoni Abroad), and Rita Usaga (Thailand Management Lead), among many others.

The event also featured special recognitions and expressions of gratitude for those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication. Zoni's President and Founder Mr. Zoilo C. Nieto delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing his gratitude and emphasizing the positive impact Zoni has had on the professional journeys of all its staff members. He highlighted the importance of focusing on the bigger picture and the growth achieved through dedication and hard work.

Throughout the evening, conversations with attendees revealed a shared sense of pride and belonging. Many expressed their gratitude not just for the awards but for being part of the Zoni family. A particularly touching comment came from Luz Cardona, a senior Student Service Representative, who shared her journey from facing challenges with previous employers to finding her true calling at Zoni. She spoke passionately about her role, her happiness, and the welcoming atmosphere at Zoni.

To conclude the event, the Zoni staff presented the President and Founder with the "Visionary of the Year" award, recognizing his outstanding leadership and commitment to the organization.

In all, the evening was a resounding success, celebrating the dedication, talent, and collaborative spirit that make Zoni a truly exceptional institution. It served as a reminder that, at Zoni, excellence is not just a goal but a way of life, and that together, the Zoni family will continue to achieve great things.

Julio Nieto

Vice President for Marketing and Admissions

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Adam Leite 3 months ago

That was an amazing evening with amazing people doping amazing things. Thank you all.