At Zoni, our commitment to providing exceptional learning and travel experiences across the globe has been unwavering since 1991. We are renowned for offering opportunities to study, explore, and travel. Join us and discover how we bring the world together through language.

  • 1991

    Zoni was founded by Zoilo Nieto in Union City, NJ, redefining language education with an eclectic methodology tailored to the unique challenges of New York in the United States.

    Our Mission

    As an American organization, we are committed to providing an innovative and inclusive English language learning and teaching experience. We incorporate cutting-edge technology to promote global communication.

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  • 1993

    Zoni Language Centers expanded by offering United States F-1 Student Visas to International Students. Zoni opened its 2nd campus this year.

  • 1995

    Zoni created the Zoni Teacher Training Program, Zoni proprietary curriculum. Co-teaching program was born to train teachers on Zoni’s curriculum.

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  • 2002

    Zoni received “The President's “E” Certificate for Exports” from the U.S Secretary of Commerce for an outstanding contributors of the Export Expansion (International Education) Program of the United States of America

  • 2008

    Zoni Development of the High Intermediate Advance Curriculum

  • 2017

    We took a giant leap into the digital world with Zoni Live, our online school. We offer English lessons to students around the globe, making quality education more affordable and accessible.

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    Zoni was honored by the United Arab Emirates with a 'Certificate of Appreciation' in acknowledgment of their exceptional contribution to education and for facilitating student mobility effectively.

  • 2019

    We expanded our horizons once more with Zoni Kids. This online platform is designed to make learning English fun for children, featuring interactive lessons, games, and engaging activities in our proprietary curriculum. We also offer tutoring services.

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  • 2020

    Highly commended by the PIEoneer Awards for offering significant support to its students during the Covid-19 pandemic trough the Zoni Food Pantry & Meal Programs to our Zoni Community

  • 2022

    Zoni Tours was created from our experiences taking our students on educational travel. Now we offer these experiences to other schools and organizations across the globe.

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    Zoni won the Go Global Award for ‘Service Innovator of the Year’ hosted by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency from The Go Global International Trade Council.

  • 2023

    Zoni Tours expanded to include college tours. This is our response to the challenges posed by declining US college enrollment rates and shifting student mindsets.

    Zoni has won the prestigious 2023 Education Award from the Rhode Island Government and the Go Global International Trade Council - we clinched the Entire Education Field Award.










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