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About Us

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We understand that students want to learn English they will actually use. Keeping this in mind, we created a curriculum that reflects real life. In short, our students learn everyday English and enjoy programs tailored to their needs, like courses with instruction where  personal interest & leisure it is the main structure of all the courses.  However, this is not all. Our students also experience new cultures, develop points of view, and make friends from all over the world. This is why Zoni Language Centers is one of the best English schools in New York.

Meet Zoni Language Centers:

Zoni Language Centers was founded by Zoilo C. Nieto in 1991. Zoni is an English school with campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Miami Beach, Vancouver and London. In total, we have 11 language centers in amazing destinations. At Zoni, we offer a range of Intensive English Programs and standard English courses including practical, everyday English. Regardless of your English level, we have a class for you.

Since 1991, Hundreds of thousands of students have studied English at Zoni. Our goal is to help you master written, reading. spoken and everyday English. To achieve this, we use a variety of teaching methods. In addition, all of our teachers are college-educated and experienced and no Zoni teacher is allowed to teach without a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or a bachelor degree related to language, language acquisition, and language teaching. As a result, our students quickly may improve their English.

Our Affiliations & Accreditations:

Zoni's affiliations as well as accreditation from reputable organizations are very important. They affirm and establish our institution as a recognized English Language School. These accreditations help students to identify the most appropriate school for their needs and which will give the best English education. The school's description of its location and affiliation is hereby indicated.

We could not accomplish our goals without the support and involvement of organizations and agencies such as NYSED- BPSS, ACCET, SEVP, ETS - TOEFL, Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment - OET ,University of Cambridge Language Assessment, Pearson Longman Education, Oxford University Press, University of Leicester MBA- Adult Distance Education & Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO). Click here for details

Our Schools and Curriculum:

At Zoni, we have a student-centered approach to teaching. Our curriculum combines learning techniques such as, Direct Method, Total Physical Response, Communicative Approach and Cooperative Learning. Meaning, your teachers use a very complete and comprehensive way to teach you English.

Additionally, student welfare is extremely important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and supported. With this in mind, many of our staff speak more than one language. This means we are always able to help regardless of your English level.

Our campuses provide warm, productive learning environments. Our aim is to build students' confidence and encourage them to practice their English. In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in fun and informative lessons outside the classroom. Our schools are modern and many of our classes take place in learning studios. A learning studio is a new type of classroom that is more open and interactive than traditional setups. Learning studios encourage greater student participation, and in general provide a comfortable learning environment. On top of this, some campuses also have Zoni Cafés, lounge areas and campus-wide wifi.

More than 6000 students (As of November 2019) from over 100 countries attend classes at Zoni every week. In fact, Zoni Language Centers is not only one of the best English schools in New York, it is also the largest English language school in the New York metropolitan area. Our students come from many different nationalities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and each contribute to the rich diversity of our school. Diversity is our strength and ultimately, at Zoni students not only learn practical, everyday English, but also about the world around them.


Zoni is committed to providing students with a unique method of teaching English as a second language, from beginner to advanced, in order to eliminate any language barriers that come up in everyday situations.

Zoni continues to expand and innovate curricula and incorporate technology to meet the needs of an increasing and diverse population of language learners worldwide, enabling them to interact globally and freely.


Our 2025 vision is to continue as the leader in language education, expecting every Zoni employee adheres to the mission and values stated in our mandated policies and procedures. By 2025, Zoni will be the cornerstone of success for our students in their communities with the support of technology.

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