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About Us

Learn English in New York, New Jersey and Florida


“We create and teach our curriculum, that depicts reality. Students learn and make friends from all over the world.”

Who We Are:

Zoni Language Centers was founded by Mr. Zoilo C. Nieto, President & founder, in 1991.  Zoni is a multi-site institution with campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Miami Beach and Vancouver where Intensive English Programs (IEP) and other English language related courses are offered.

Zoni has served over five hundred thousand students over the past twenty-six years, teaching them mastery of written and spoken English in a short period of time.  We use a variety of effective teaching methods applied by college-educated instructors.  Zoni is certified by the New York State Education Department, accredited by ACCET in Miami Beach and accredited by Languages Canada in Vancouver, Canada.  Our campuses in the United States are authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Furthermore, Zoni Manhattan and Miami Beach are authorized testing centers for the TOEFL iBT and Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Zoni’s popular, student-centered teaching curriculum combines the Direct Method, Total Physical Response, the Communicative Approach and Cooperative Learning.  To accommodate prospective and current students, many of our schools’ staff can speak more than one language, ensuring there is always someone available to help you, regardless of your level of English proficiency.  Our campuses provide warm, productive learning environments that nurture confidence in our students and encourage them to practice their English language skills as often as possible.  Students have the opportunity to participate in fun and informative dialogue sessions, both inside and out of the classroom.

Zoni Language Centers takes pride in the success it has had over the past 26 years of English language education.  It is the largest English language school in the metropolitan New York area.  More than 2,500 students, coming from over a hundred countries worldwide, attend classes daily at Zoni campuses.  People from different national, cultural and ethnic backgrounds contribute to the rich diversity of our school, helping students not only learn English, but also about the world.  Zoni students, faculty and staff come from virtually every nation and culture, enriching the whole community with their perspectives and experiences.

Our Mission:

Zoni Language Centers is committed to providing students with a unique method of teaching English as a second language, from beginner to advanced. We pride ourselves in being able to help our students become more articulate in everyday situations.

Zoni continues to expand and innovate its curricula and technological accommodations, providing students with the skills and tools they will need to attain mastery of the English language.  We are committed to meeting the needs of an increasing and diverse population of language learners worldwide, enabling them to interact globally and freely.