10 reasons why you should learn English

10 reasons why you should learn English

Does learning a new language intimidate you? Well, you aren’t alone! Many people that begin learning a new language can find this process difficult or scary. The best thing to do in this scenario is to hold onto your motivation for learning the language and then put in consistent efforts.

Here’s why you should learn English:

1. It is the number one spoken language across the world

Did you know that English is the most spoken language all over the globe? Research showed that about 1.35 million population across the world now speaks English. Therefore, you will be able to communicate with people from different cultures, simply by learning this one language.

2. A relatively easy language to learn

English as a language does not have cases, gender, or word agreement with a relatively simpler grammar system. You get a large variety of resources to be able to study English that includes books, movies, music, podcasts, etc. It can be fun to learn English – not only because you can find someone to practice with, but also consume media that will teach you context and a good amount of vocabulary.

3. Opens doors to opportunities

Research in the USA shows us that those people who can speak English as a second language can ask for an income increase of up to 30%. Those have mastered it well can even ask for about 67% more! Moreover, English is the official global language of science.

4. A skill to travel anywhere

Our research shows that English is the official language of fifty-nine sovereign countries across the world. It will therefore allow you to communicate with a lot of different kinds of people coming from different cultural backgrounds. You can travel without the problems of not being able to communicate what you need for a smooth journey.

5. Learn new cultures

English being the common language for so many countries, it would be easier for you to learn all about new cultures. Dive into a variety of cultural foods, amazing locations, and people by simply learning one language!

6. Learn science better

In today’s day and age, a new word from the field of science is more likely to be coined in the English language than in any other language.

7. The internet’s language is English

Did you know that the internet was first developed in UK and the USA? This gave the language a big jumpstart to continue developing in English. The other languages are also present online, but English dominates the platform by a whopping 55%!

8. Get a bigger dating pool

Whether you are searching for your soulmate or just looking to meet new people and go out on dates, learning English will only open more options for you. Whether you are trying to connect with someone outside your cultural background or not, learning English will only win you bonus points.

9. Become more confident

There are so many scenarios in life that you can easily deal with if you know how to communicate. If you know the right language to connect with all the people you meet daily, half your work in terms of communication is done!

10. Exercise your brain

Learners of a second language even later in life benefit from the neurological changes that come with this mental exercise. Having new experiences like this is important for the neural connections in the brain to strengthen the nervous system. Learning new words, grammar, etc. ends up making the brain more alert naturally. It also improves concentration and memory skills. Research has shown that learning a second language can help unlock creativity in individuals.

That concludes our blog about ’10 reasons why you should learn English’! We hope that this information helps you in your life. If you face any difficulties in learning English or have any questions about learning English, please feel free to reach out to us. You can also enroll in our ESL classes with Zoni Language Centers to help you in your journey of learning English. You can do our English classes part-time, with our evening classes. These are perfect for those of you who must work during the day.

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