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Image Name Destination USA Field Trips Global Adventure Cultural Day Adventure Middle School High School Girls About Published
Boston Skyline Boston College Tours Boston, MA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This itinerary offers an educational and exciting adventure for students visiting Boston, Massachusetts, to explore college campuses and experience the city's cultural and historical attractions. The tour includes visits to Harvard University, Northeastern University, MIT, UMass Boston, and another university of your choice. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Boston's famous landmarks and culinary delights, providing a well-rounded experience. None
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College Tours Philadelphia, PA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This itinerary offers an educational and enriching experience for students in Philadelphia, combining college visits with exploration of the city's cultural and historical attractions. The tour includes visits to the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, La Salle University, Temple University, and Moore College of Art & Design. When not visiting colleges, students will explore iconic Philadelphia landmarks and cultural sites, enhancing their understanding of the city's history and higher education opportunities. None
Skyline, Atlanta, GA Atlanta College Tours Atlanta, GA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This itinerary offers an exciting and educational trip for students visiting Atlanta, Georgia, to explore its vibrant college campuses and experience the city's cultural and historical attractions. The tour includes visits to Georgia State University, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Atlanta's famous landmarks and culinary delights, providing a well-rounded experience. None
George Washington University, Washington, DC Washington, DC College Tours Washington, DC 1 None 0 0 0 0 This itinerary offers a comprehensive and educational journey for students in Washington, D.C. The trip begins with a tour of iconic landmarks on the National Mall, including the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building, providing historical and civic context. Campus tours at prestigious universities like George Washington, Georgetown, and American University give students a glimpse into higher education opportunities. Evenings are spent exploring illuminated memorials, fostering a deep understanding of American history and culture. The trip concludes with visits to Howard University and the Catholic University of America, highlighting the diverse educational landscape in the nation's capital. Students return home with enriched knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the educational opportunities in Washington, D.C. None
Chabot Space and Science Center Silicon Valley Tech Exploration Silicon Valley, CA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This student group tour of Silicon Valley is an immersive journey through the epicenter of technology and innovation. On day one, students engage in hands-on exploration at the Tech Interactive, followed by a captivating evening tour of iconic San Francisco. Day two unfolds with a deep dive into space exploration at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, where history and the future of interstellar travel come to life. The final day offers an enlightening visit to the Computer History Museum, tracing the evolution of computing, followed by a choice between guided tours of tech giants like Google, Apple, or Meta headquarters. This trip promises to inspire, educate, and ignite curiosity in the minds of future innovators as they discover the past, present, and future of technology in the heart of Silicon Valley. None
Universal Orlando Resort Orlando, FL Explore Universal Orlando Resort Orlando, FL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get ready for an action-packed getaway that will transport you to the heart of Orlando’s entertainment and thrills! Join us on a Universal Studios tour, where you will experience the magic of blockbuster movies, iconic characters, and immersive attractions. Wrap things up with a visit to ICON Park. Book your adventure now and be prepared for an experience that will leave you spellbound and exhilarated. None
La Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires Discovering Argentina's Cultural Heritage Buenos Aires, Argentina 0 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on an enriching journey through Buenos Aires, Argentina's vibrant capital. This educational trip offers students the opportunity to explore the city's rich cultural tapestry, from iconic landmarks and historic sites to shopping and museums. Discover the essence of Argentina as you delve into its history, art, and traditions. This meticulously curated itinerary promises an unforgettable educational adventure for students. None
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Highlights of Spain from Barcelona to Valencia Spain 0 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on an incredible journey through Spain's most iconic cities, from the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the historic treasures of Madrid and the coastal charm of Valencia. This tour will immerse high school students in the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Spain. From exploring architectural wonders to savoring delicious cuisine, this tour promises an unforgettable experience. None
Liberty Bell Philadelphia, PA Heritage and Innovation Philadelphia, PA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This tour takes students through the historical and cultural tapestry of Philadelphia. On day one you will visit iconic symbols like the Liberty Bell to the thought-provoking National Liberty Museum, which sets the tone for a rich experience. Day two delves into Philadelphia's storied past with a walking tour that includes the Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, and the National Constitution Center. Embrace the local food scene at Bourse Food Hall and fuel your curiosity at the Franklin Institute. The final day features a self-guided tour of the United States Mint, educating the group on American currency production. Throughout this tour, students will engage with history, culture, and science, leaving them with an understanding of how these subjects impact their daily lives. None
Skyline Doha, Qatar Uncover the Treasures of Qatar Qatar 0 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on a captivating educational journey through the heart of Qatar, where students will uncover the rich tapestry of Qatari culture, heritage, and natural wonders. Over the course of this unforgettable tour, students will explore Doha's vibrant streets, visit iconic museums, stroll through picturesque parks, and indulge in traditional cuisine. Venture into the enchanting desert for a thrilling safari, featuring dune bashing, a visit to the Inland Sea, and a mesmerizing sunset. Sail out into the Persian Gulf for whale shark watching and experience the warmth of Qatari hospitality. This immersive tour offers an ideal blend of educational exploration, cultural encounters, and natural beauty, providing students with lasting memories of their adventure in Qatar. None
Taipei Skyline Featuring Taipei 101, Taiwan SAR Taiwan Discovery: A Cultural Expedition Taiwan SAR of China 0 None 0 0 0 0 Join us for an immersive 6-day, 5-night student trip to Taiwan, China, where cultural richness and historical wonders await. From the bustling streets of Taipei to the serene landscapes of Jiufen, this meticulously crafted itinerary promises an educational adventure that will deepen your understanding of Taiwan's past and foster a connection to its vibrant present. None
Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE Discovering Dubai Dubai, UAE 0 None 0 0 0 0 Join us for a remarkable journey to Dubai, where the rich tapestry of culture, history, and innovation unfolds before the eyes of eager explorers. Our carefully created 5-day tour is designed to offer a holistic and immersive experience, blending cultural immersion, educational insights and thrilling adventures. None
Neuschwanstein Castle History, Culture, and Alpine Beauty from Frankfurt to Munich Germany 0 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on an unforgettable journey through Southern Germany with this student tour. Begin in Frankfurt, where you'll explore the modern and historic aspects of this vibrant city. Day two takes you to the picturesque town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, known for its charming medieval architecture. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Heidelberg and Stuttgart. The next day provides an emotional visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial before stepping into Munich's vibrant atmosphere. The adventure continues with a trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, offering breathtaking alpine vistas and a visit to the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle. This journey through Southern Germany is filled with cultural insights, historical reflections, and the beauty of the Bavarian landscape. None
Skyline Baltimore, MD Discovering the Wonders of Baltimore Baltimore, MD 0 None 1 0 0 0 Join us on an exciting one-day tour to Baltimore, Maryland, where education meets history. This trip combines a visit to the renowned Baltimore National Aquarium with an exploration of the vibrant Inner Harbor area. This educational journey promises to inspire young minds, foster learning, and create unforgettable memories. None
Eiffel Tower Paris, France Enchanting Paris: A Cultural Voyage for Students France 0 None 0 0 0 0 This tour begins with a night flight to Paris, leading to explorations of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Engage in the world of art at the Louvre Museum and experience the opulence of Versailles. Science and art come alive at the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie and the Centre Pompidou. The tour concludes with cultural and culinary delights before bidding adieu to the enchanting City of Lights. This tour blends history, culture, and personal growth, while promising to leave an indelible mark on student travelers. None
Hershey Park Hershey,PA Hershey Park Adventures Hershey, PA 0 None 1 0 0 0 Get ready to set out on this one-day field trip that will not only excite your tastebuds but take you on a thrilling adventure. The suspense builds as you enter the gates of Hershey Park. You will experience thrilling rides, make your own personalized chocolate bar, enjoy a meal, and make lifelong memories with your friends. None
Skyline Indianapolis, IN Adventure Awaits in Indy Indianapolis, IN 1 None 0 0 0 0 Enjoy a journey through Indiana's capital city. Visit the Indiana Statehouse, the Eiteljorg Museum, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Learn about the city's rich history, Native American culture, and Indy’s sports heritage. Indianapolis, known for the Indy 500 and its vibrant cultural scene, promises a memorable and educational adventure for all. None
Hollywood Sign Los Angeles, CA Discovering the Glitz and Glamour Los Angeles, CA 0 None 0 0 0 1 Explore the allure of Los Angeles with our captivating luxury tour. Begin by embracing the beachside charm of Santa Monica Pier and venturing into the heart of Hollywood on a walking tour that unveils the city's glamorous entertainment legacy. Uncover the magic behind the scenes on a studio tour and indulge in a celebrity makeover experience. Delve into luxury shopping on Rodeo Drive, reflecting on your experiences amidst the serene backdrop of a city park. Throughout your journey, immerse yourself in the city's culture and the excitement of celebrity lifestyles, creating lasting memories of the vibrant city of Los Angeles. None
Disney Castle Girls' Glamorous Disney Getaway Orlando, FL 0 None 0 0 0 1 Embark on a captivating journey to the enchanting Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, where your student tour group will be immersed in magical experiences. Discover the magic of iconic theme parks, thrilling rides, captivating attractions, and beloved characters. Begin with a welcome dinner at the Rainforest Café and explore the lively Disney Springs district. Dive into the wonder of two unique theme parks, from the fairy tale realm of the Magic Kingdom to the futuristic charm of Epcot. Luxuriate in a pampering manicure session at the Grand Floridian Spa and relish delectable dining moments throughout. This itinerary promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Disney's enchantment. None
Hollywood Sign Los Angeles, CA Landmarks, Culture, and Entertainment Los Angeles, CA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience the best of Los Angeles on this star-studded tour. From the iconic Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame to the luxurious Rodeo Drive and picturesque Santa Monica beach, soak in the city's sights. Discover the Griffith Observatory, rub shoulders with celebrity wax figures at Madame Tussaud's, and delve into music history at the Grammy Museum. End your trip with an engaging studio tour, making memories that will last a lifetime. None
Skyline Nashville, TN Welcome to Music City Nashville, TN 1 None 0 0 0 0 This student tour invites you to discover the lively Music City that is Nashville, TN. On day one, visit the iconic Country Music Hall of Fame. See Ryman Auditorium where countless music legends have graced the stage. Wrap up your day with dinner and a show at a local honky tonk. On day two, delve into the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement as you visit Fisk University and other historic Civil Rights locations. Visit the Tennessee State Museum and learn about the state’s history and fame. End the night with a walking ghost tour. On day three you’ll see a full-scale replica of the Parthenon before visiting the Adventure Science Center. End your tour with a nighttime photo op at John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge as you take in the Nashville skyline. This itinerary is designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience that covers history, music, culture, and more. None
Downtown Huntsville, AL STEAM Discovery in Huntsville Huntsville, AL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on an exciting journey with your student group to Huntsville, Alabama, where education meets adventure. In this thoughtfully crafted itinerary, students will explore Huntsville while engaging in a variety of activities. From a guided walking tour of downtown Huntsville with the Secret Artemis Trail to an evening of bowling, the trip is a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Visits to the US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville Botanical Garden, and the Huntsville Museum of Art provide students with diverse learning experiences. With a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), this tour offers a well-rounded adventure that will both educate and inspire. None
United States Capitol Building Washington D.C. Visit our Nation's Capitol Washington, DC 1 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on an enriching student group tour to the heart of American history: Washington, D.C. Immerse yourselves amongst the monuments, historic landmarks, and cultural treasures that make this city a symbol of democracy and unity. Start with a visit to the Smithsonian Institution and choose one of the many museums available to you. The next day takes you into neighboring Virginia where you will pay your respects at Arlington National Cemetery and explore George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. Get up close and personal with the political process on your last day as you visit the White House and take a Capitol tour. Finish the day at the National Archives where you'll see the founding documents of the United States, the basis for our political process. None
Skyline Denver, CO City Sights and Mountain Heights Colorado Springs & Denver, CO 1 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on a student tour in Colorado, a state of breathtaking natural beauty. In Denver, the vibrant 16th Street Mall and cultural treasures like the Denver Art Museum await, while a group dinner at PF Chang's caps off the day. Day 2 takes you to Colorado Springs, where the iconic Pikes Peak offers awe-inspiring views, and the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park promises white-water rafting excitement. On Day 3, students visit the Denver Zoo before departing in the afternoon. This well-organized itinerary blends city exploration, cultural enrichment, and outdoor thrills, promising an unforgettable Colorado adventure. None
Seaworld Orlando, FL SeaWorld Adventure: Dive into the World of Marine Wonders Orlando, FL 0 None 1 0 0 0 Join us on the "SeaWorld Orlando Adventure" for a one-day educational journey into the captivating world of marine life and conservation. This tour offers a unique blend of entertainment and learning as we explore SeaWorld Orlando's highlights, including exclusive behind-the-scenes access, captivating shows featuring dolphins and orcas, and thrilling rides. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the wonders of the sea and create lasting memories. None
San Juan, PR Service and Exploration Puerto Rico 1 None 0 0 0 0 Take a transformative journey to Puerto Rico, where community service and cultural exploration merge seamlessly. Explore the historic sites of Old San Juan, including the impressive El Morro fortress, before engaging in a week of impactful volunteering with Techos Pa' Mi Gente, fostering connections and making a positive impact on the recovery of the island after a series of natural disasters. Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of El Yunque National Forest and unwind on pristine beaches. This itinerary offers a unique blend of historical discovery, environmental appreciation, and meaningful engagement, leaving you with treasured memories of a truly enriching experience. None
San Juan, Puerto Rico History, Culture, and Natural Beauty Puerto Rico 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get away to Puerto Rico, where history, culture, and natural beauty intertwine. From the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan to the lush rainforests of El Yunque and the picturesque beaches of Manatí, this itinerary offers an immersive exploration of the island's diverse offerings. UNESCO World Heritage Sites El Morro and San Cristóbal, along with interactive museums and local attractions, provide insights into Puerto Rico's past and present. Enjoy authentic cuisine, from lechoneras to beachside restaurants, while engaging in activities that range from guided rainforest tours to a mesmerizing bioluminescent bay experience. This unforgettable adventure ensures students leave with a new-found appreciation for Puerto Rico's cultural tapestry and natural treasures. None
Oahu, HI Enchanted Oahu: Exploring History, Culture, and Natural Wonders Oahu, HI 1 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on this transformative tour of Oahu, where you'll create lifelong memories, deepen your understanding of Hawaiian culture and history, and bask in the island's natural splendor. From paying tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor and hiking to the summit of Diamond Head for breathtaking views, to snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Hanauma Bay and immersing yourself in the rich traditions of the Polynesian Cultural Center, this tour promises unforgettable experiences. Delight in delectable Hawaiian cuisine, savor sunset dinners by the sea, and leave with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and heritage of Oahu. Aloha awaits, and our tour is your gateway to an educational, enriching, and memorable Hawaiian adventure. None
Skyline Memphis, TN A Journey through History and Harmony Memphis, TN 1 None 0 0 0 0 Jump into this exciting tour of Memphis, Tennessee. You’ll spend three days exploring the city's history, culture, and music. Visit iconic landmarks such as Graceland, the National Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studio, and Beale Street. Along the way, you'll delve into the civil rights movement, the birth of rock 'n' roll, and Memphis's vibrant cultural scene. Full of enlightening adventures and delicious local cuisine, dive into the heart and soul of this historic American city. None
Skyline Louisville, KY A Journey through the Heart of Kentucky Louisville, KY 1 None 0 0 0 0 Take a delightful tour of the beautiful and historical city of Louisville, KY. Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and explore the Muhammad Ali Center. Immerse yourself in Kentucky's history at the Frazier History Museum. Discover the Locust Grove Historic Site, and dive into science at the Kentucky Science Center. Enjoy Louisville Waterfront Park and visit the Louisville Zoo for wildlife and conservation insights. Lastly, take an underground adventure at the Louisville Mega Cavern. This tour offers students a comprehensive educational experience by incorporating a blend of history, culture, science, and nature. None
Mexico City, Mexico Discovering Mexico City's Cultural Tapestry Mexico City, Mexico 0 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on an educational and culturally enriching journey through the heart of Mexico City. On this student group tour, students will delve into the vibrant artistry and history of this captivating metropolis. Highlights include visits to iconic landmarks like the Zócalo, the Palacio Nacional to admire Diego Rivera's murals, and the Templo Mayor Museum to explore Aztec heritage. The exploration extends to Coyoacán, where students will explore Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul and discover Mexican popular culture at the National Museum of Popular Cultures. Xochimilco's tranquil canals and historic center, along with the grandeur of Chapultepec Park and the monumental National Museum of Anthropology, offer further insight into Mexico's rich tapestry. The journey concludes with a day of exploration at the awe-inspiring Teotihuacan Pyramids and a visit to the animal conservation haven, Reino Animal Centro de Conservación. This meticulously curated itinerary promises an unforgettable educational adventure for students. None
Skyline Birmingham, AL A Journey into Culture and History Birmingham, AL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience the rich history and vibrant culture of Birmingham, AL. Explore its historic neighborhoods and landmarks during a guided walking tour on day one, followed by a deep dive into the Civil Rights District on day two, when you will visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, and more. The evening brings panoramic views at Vulcan Park and Museum. Day three offers interactive science exploration at the McWane Science Center. This thought-provoking itinerary invites students to understand the Civil Rights Movement, appreciate local heritage, and engage in educational experiences that leave a lasting impact. None
Pittsburg, PA Welcome to Steel City Pittsburgh, PA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This exciting student tour brings you to the heart of Steel City. On day one, dive into history at the Senator John Heinz History Center, a set of museums associated with The Smithsonian. Continue to marvel at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. End your day with a walking tour of the city’s beautiful riverfront. Day two takes you to the fascinating Carnegie Science Center and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Unwind together as you ride up the renowned Duquesne Incline and take in the city from the top of Mt. Washington. On day three you’ll visit the famed Andy Warhol Museum, the largest single-artist museum in the country. Then experience the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh. Finish your tour with a performance by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Offering a mix of history, science, culture, and industry, Pittsburgh is sure to educate and delight. None
Lincoln Monument Washington, D.C. Tracing Civil War History Washington, DC and Gettysburg, PA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This itinerary is an immersive journey through the historic sites and monuments of Washington, D.C., and Gettysburg, PA. On the first day, after an early start, students begin their exploration of the nation's capital, visiting iconic sites such as the White House and the Capitol. They explore their choice of Smithsonian Museum in the afternoon. Day two shifts focus to the Founding Fathers and Civil War history. A visit to George Washington's Mount Vernon estate and Manassas National Battlefield Park provides insights into early American history and the Civil War's impact. The final day revolves around the historic battleground of Gettysburg, where students tour the battlefield, the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War, and the Cyclorama. This trip takes students through Civil War history while placing it in the context of United States history promising an enriching journey for all. None
Kennedy Space Center Orlando, FL Scientific Sojourn: Exploring STEM Orlando, FL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get ready to set out on a tour of Full Sail University, one of the most cutting-edge technology schools in the United States. Visit the Orlando Science Center, view the exhibits, attend a live show, and a lab session. Visit Disney Springs and have dinner at Rainforest Café. Experience the magic of Disney with one day admission to Epcot where you will explore the park and attend an innovative and hands on workshop to learn more about the physics behind the scenes at Disney. Experience an out of this world encounter at Kennedy Space Center and learn all about the Apollo Mission. A day filled with exploration and fun. None
Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland A Summer Adventure in Iceland Iceland 0 None 0 0 0 0 This Icelandic tour is designed to introduce students to the awe-inspiring beauty and unique culture of Iceland. This journey offers an array of immersive experiences, from witnessing the geological wonders of the Golden Circle to indulging in the relaxation of geothermal pools. As the summer sunbathes the land in perpetual daylight from May to August, students will engage in an educational and cultural voyage, uncovering Iceland's secrets and creating lasting memories. None
Langjökull Glacier Cave Iceland Icelandic Winter Wonders Expedition Iceland 0 None 0 0 0 0 This tour is designed to immerse you in the awe-inspiring beauty, culture, and natural marvels of Iceland during the winter season. Experience the thrill of walking on Langjökull Glacier, followed by an expedition into a dazzling ice cave, offering a unique glimpse into Iceland's icy heart. Discover the vibrant art scene at Reykjavík Art Museum, enjoy delicious Icelandic cuisine, and attend a traditional folklore concert. Venture out in search of the mesmerizing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on multiple nights. Unwind in the world-famous Blue Lagoon, surrounded by lava fields and snow, before departing Iceland. None
Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson, NJ Thrills over New Jersey- Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson, NJ 0 None 1 0 0 0 This amusement park is truly a great adventure for all students. Experience high-flying thrill rides, live shows, and entertainment. Take a ride through the Wild Safari Drive Thru Adventure where explorers enjoy an exhilarating interactive experience. This day trip is guaranteed to give your students memories and experiences that last a lifetime. None
Mermaids at Mystic Aquarium Mystic, CT A Day of Exploration Under the Sea Mystic, CT 0 None 1 0 0 0 Get ready to learn about the ocean and its animals through interactive and educational exhibits that give you an up close and personal view into the under-water world. Experience a grade level hands on lesson taught by an Animal Ambassador that will leave you with more knowledge than you came with. A guaranteed fun filled day that will bring out the scientist in every student. None
Liberty Science Center Jersey City, NJ Liberty Science Center Exploration Jersey City, NJ 0 None 1 0 0 0 Get ready to excite students with hands on experiences in the science and engineering world. Walk through 12 museum exhibition halls, view live animal collections, and a giant aquarium filled with fascinating sea life. During your visit, enter another galaxy at the largest planetarium in America! The Liberty Science Center is a prime destination for learners of all ages! None
Bronx Zoo, NY Lions, Tigers and Bears in the City! Bronx, NY 0 None 1 0 0 0 With over 245 acres to explore and 10,000 animals to see, you are guaranteed to leave the Bronx Zoo with an overwhelming amount of nonfiction knowledge. Spend the day walking through habitats like the Congo Gorilla Forest, the Himalayan Highlands, and the African Plains and so many more. Witness animals that are rare and some endangered. This school trip is guaranteed to make you a science lover. None
South Padre Island, TX Coastal Classroom Discovery South Padre Island, TX 1 None 0 0 0 0 Dive into this educational tour of South Padre Island. On day one, meet rehabilitating sea turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc. and learn about the health and welfare of these majestic creatures. Keep watch for a glimpse of dolphins as you end your day with a sunset cruise. Day two brings you to Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge where you’ll take an educational wildlife tour. Then, visit the Coastal Studies Laboratory where you’ll learn all about marine life and health in the Gulf of Mexico. Participate in a beach clean-up together to wrap up your day. Before departing on day three, you’ll stop at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center for a chance to see their tropical bird species. This tour offers groups a unique blend of natural beauty, marine life, and opportunities for learning about the environment and conservation. None
Cincinnati, OH Where Tradition Meets Innovation Cincinnati, OH 1 None 0 0 0 0 Discover Cincinnati, a city of history, innovation and art. On day one, visit the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Spend the day stretching your legs and admiring the wildlife before enjoying a theatre production in the park. Day two takes you to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal – a one-of-a-kind Cincinnati experience. Then, tour the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and learn about the history of slavery and the ongoing fight for justice. A walk past the historic Roebling bridge rounds out your night. On day three, end your city tour with an inspirational visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum. None
Old Quebec City, Canada Language Immersion, Culture, and History Quebec City, Canada 0 None 0 0 0 0 Join us for a tour of Quebec City, where students will be surrounded by the rich history, culture, and language of this enchanting destination. Explore the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec during a guided walking tour, savor French-inspired cuisine, and delve into the city's past at the Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site. Engage in interactive activities on Île d'Orléans, learn about indigenous heritage at the Huron-Wendat Museum, and surround yourself with the world of literature at Maison de la Littérature. With a blend of language practice, cultural experiences, and historical insights, this journey promises a memorable and educational adventure in the heart of French-speaking Canada. None
Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls Adventure: A Student Expedition Niagara Falls, NY 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get ready to embark on a breathtaking journey to one of the world's natural wonders - Niagara Falls! Join us for an unforgettable two-day excursion that promises awe-inspiring sights, thrilling tours, and unforgettable memories. None
Busch Gardens Tampa, FL Middle School Graduation Cruise and Busch Gardens Tampa, FL 0 None 0 1 0 0 Celebrate graduation on an exhilarating tour to Tampa, Florida with an exciting dinner cruise in the Bay! Immerse yourself in marine wonders at the Florida Aquarium. Experience thrilling rides and animal encounters at Busch Gardens. The highlight of your trip is your graduates-only cruise where you will eat and dance while taking in the glittering city lights. From educational encounters to heart-pounding excitement, this tour promises an unforgettable journey. None
Playa Huerta Portobelo, Panama History, Nature, and Canal Adventures Panama 0 None 0 0 0 0 Explore the cultural richness and natural beauty of Panama on this immersive student tour. In Casco Antiguo, students will delve into Panama's history with a guided walking tour, visits to the Canal Museum and Mola Museum, and an invigorating hike in the Metropolitan Nature Park. The adventure continues on the Amador Causeway, where students will explore BioMuseo and Punta Culebra Nature Center, all while enjoying stunning views of the Bridge of the Americas. A full-day excursion to Isla Taboga offers a taste of island life with a hike up Cerro Vigia, a visit to the second oldest church in the Western Hemisphere, and leisure time on the beach. The highlight of the trip comes with a Panama Canal Cruise, navigating the iconic locks and lakes. Historical exploration continues at Fort San Lorenzo and the picturesque town of Portobelo. The journey concludes with a return to Panama City, leaving students with cherished memories of Panama's diverse culture, history, and natural wonders. None
Colonial Williamsburg, VA An Exploration of History and Charm Yorktown and Williamsburg, VA 1 None 0 0 0 0 This enriching tour weaves students through the historical tapestries of Yorktown and Williamsburg. From the moment you arrive, you'll delve into the heart of American history. Explore the Yorktown Battlefield and enjoy a round of mini golf on day one. On day two, visit Colonial Williamsburg, where visits to the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum and Dewitt Wallace Decorative Art Museum await. Engage with the past as you end your day with a ghost tour. Day three leads you to the charming streets of Historic Yorktown before a deep dive into the American Revolution Museum. Through guided tours, museum visits, and meals of local cuisine, this tour intertwines education with adventure. None
Virginia Beach, VA Colonial Heritage and Coastal Adventure Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, VA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Take a journey of historical exploration and coastal adventure with our 3-day tour of Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. In Williamsburg, delve into America's colonial past as you explore the interactive living history museum, complete with costumed interpreters and workshops. Discover the Jamestown Settlement, the nation's first English colony, and tour the storied College of William & Mary. Transition to Virginia Beach, where you'll soak up the sun, contribute to conservation efforts with a beach cleanup, and explore the marine wonders of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. From colonial reenactments to coastal education, this journey is designed to captivate minds and create unforgettable memories. None
French Quarter New Orleans, LA Vibrant Adventures and Cultural Exploration New Orleans, LA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Discover the spirit of New Orleans through an exciting tour that blends education, culture, and entertainment into one trip. Experience the historic French Quarter's charm, enjoy local cuisine, and captivating sights. Take a walk-through Louisiana's history at The Cabildo and The Presbytere Museums, then journey into the rhythm of New Orleans at the Jazz Museum. Explore the city's art scene at the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. From ghost tours to a ride on New Orleans famous St. Charles Streetcar and a visit to the Audubon Zoo, this itinerary ensures an unforgettable experience, weaving together all the amazing staples that make up New Orleans. None
Skyline Houston, TX A Dynamic Blend of Education, Exploration, and Entertainment Houston, TX 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience Houston, Texas, where education, exploration, and entertainment come together. Immerse yourself in the urban beauty of Buffalo Bayou Park, explore the mysteries of space with a visit to Space Center Houston, and expand your understanding of the human body at The Health Museum. Step back in time at the San Jacinto Museum and enjoy a cultural evening under the stars at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. Discover the natural wonders of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center and put teamwork to the test in an escape room challenge. This dynamic itinerary offers a well-rounded experience, ensuring students leave with a broader perspective of Houston's landscape. None
Gradventure Universal Studios Orlando, FL Universal Studios Middle School Gradventure Orlando, FL 0 None 0 1 0 0 Experience the ultimate journey through Orlando's renowned attractions! The highlight of this trip is the unforgettable Gradventure, an exclusive event for eighth grade graduates that gives students after-hours access to the parks. Delve into the enchantment of Universal Studios theme parks for two full days before wrapping up with Gradventure. Day three invites you to ICON Park for a day of exhilarating rides, delectable dining, and breathtaking views. This dynamic itinerary promises unforgettable experiences, from heart-pounding thrills to serene moments above the cityscape. Book your adventure now and be prepared for an experience that will leave you spellbound! None
River Street Savannah, GA An Exploration of History, Art, and Coastal Charm Savannah, GA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Discover the history, artistic richness, and coastal charm of Savannah, GA. Explore the beauty of Columbia Square, stroll through Savannah's historic streets, and step into the past at the Davenport House Museum. At the end of day one, enjoy a spine-tingling ghost tour. Day two invites you to experience the beauty at the Jepson Center for the Arts, delve into African American heritage at the First African American Baptist Church and Pin Point Heritage Museum. Conclude your journey with a glimpse into the past at Wormsloe State Historic Site. After your visit to Wormsloe, you will embark on a scenic riverboat cruise of the Savannah Harbor. On this tour you are guaranteed unforgettable moments that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Savannah's unique character and history. None
Big Ben London, England England’s Cultural Odessey England, United Kingdom 0 None 0 0 0 0 Dive into the heart of London's vibrant energy as you explore world-renowned museums, wander through historic streets, and take in the grandeur of Buckingham Palace. With guided tours and an evening of West End magic, London's cultural treasures await your discovery. Venture into the charming Bath region, where ancient Roman baths meet Georgian elegance. Enjoy ancient history at the Roman Baths, admire Stonehenge's mysteries, and find literary inspiration at the Jane Austen Centre. Visit the intellectual oasis of Oxford, where the world's oldest university beckons with its hallowed halls and libraries. This tour is a culminating educational adventure that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for England's past and a lasting connection to its present. None
Empire State Building New York City A Cultural Tapestry New York, NY 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get ready to set out on an unforgettable tour of New York City. Iconic landmarks and historical exploration await. This tour introduces you to the heart of New York City, from Central Park to the dazzle of Broadway and Times Square. As you walk along the streets, you'll discover gems like St. Patrick's Cathedral and Radio City Music Hall. Explore renowned stores like Tiffany & Co., Macy’s, and Forever 21. This tour delves into history with visits to the Statue of Liberty, the National 9/11 Memorial, and Wall Street's financial epicenter while Little Italy and Chinatown show you their unique charm. The final day offers a glimpse into media magic at the Today Show, beautiful Empire State Building, and a new appreciation for the term “Bright Lights, Big City”. None
Skyline Dublin, Ireland A Cultural Odyssey in the Heart of Ireland Dublin, Ireland 0 None 0 0 0 0 Welcome to the Emerald Isle! On this life-changing tour of Dublin, Ireland you will visit sites like Trinity College and Dublin Castle. Dive into Dublin's literary history and visit the National Library. Take a day trip to Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains. Spend time learning about Irish history through museums, the GPO, and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Visit the Chester Beatty Library and the historic prison, Kilmainham Gaol. This tour of Dublin includes historical sites, cultural experiences, and opportunities to learn about Ireland's rich heritage. None
Fashion District New York City The Future is Fashion New York, NY 1 None 0 0 0 1 Join us on an exciting journey into the world of fashion in the heart of New York City. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant energy as you explore renowned fashion landmarks, iconic institutions, and hidden gems that shape the city's style. Engage in a dynamic mix of activities, including a guided city walking tour that intertwines fashion and culture, a visit to the Empire State Building, an enlightening tour of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and its captivating museum, and visits to fabric stores like Mood, where you'll delve into the art of textiles. As you walk the storied streets, witness firsthand how fashion and city life fuse to create a unique tapestry of design, innovation, and creativity. From the Garment District's bustling workshops to the gleaming towers of Fifth Avenue, this immersive journey promises to inspire and enlighten fashion enthusiasts of all kinds. None
Snowy Skyline New York City Winter Wonderland New York, NY 0 None 0 0 0 1 Experience the magic of New York City in the winter on this captivating all-girls student group tour. During your stay, immerse yourself in the city's enchanting atmosphere, from iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building to ice skating at Central Park. Delve into art and culture with museum visits, enjoy a mesmerizing performance by the Radio City Rockettes, and indulge in free time in Times Square. The itinerary blends sightseeing, entertainment, and relaxation, culminating in an elegant afternoon tea. This unforgettable trip offers a unique blend of bonding experiences and cultural exploration in the winter wonderland of NYC. None
Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah, GA Discovering Girl Scout Heritage Savannah, GA 0 None 0 0 0 1 Take a transformative journey through Savannah, GA, delving deep into the rich heritage of the city. From tracing the footsteps of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, at her birthplace and the first headquarters, to exploring historic sites and museums that highlight Savannah's cultural and maritime history, this itinerary offers an immersive experience for student tour groups. Engage in arts and crafts workshops, wander through cobblestone streets, and discover the stories behind the charming city squares. This educational and inspiring tour provides a unique perspective on the influential role Girl Scouts have played in shaping both Savannah and the world beyond. None
Sloth the National Animal of Costa Rica Nature, Culture, and Exploration Costa Rica 0 None 0 0 0 0 Enjoy this journey through Costa Rica's diverse landscapes and rich culture. Begin in San José with a guided walking tour of historic sites, a visit to the Mercado Central, and an exploration of the elegant Teatro Nacional. Venture to La Fortuna, where relaxation awaits at the Tabacón Hot Springs, accompanied by awe-inspiring views of Arenal Volcano. Proceed to Sarchí for vibrant craftsmanship followed by a coffee tour at Doka Estates. Be enchanted by the beauty of La Paz Waterfall Gardens before delving into the cloud forests of Poás Volcano National Park. Experience the coastal wonder of Manuel Antonio National Park's wildlife and pristine beaches, soaking in the sun and exploring vibrant trails, before finally departing from San José with cherished memories of your remarkable Costa Rican tour. None
Historic Rome, Italy Treasures of Rome, Florence & Verona Italy 0 None 0 0 0 0 This educational adventure is tailored for students seeking to explore Italy's historical, artistic, and cultural gems. Students will engage in guided tours, interactive experiences, and hands-on activities, allowing them to connect with Italy's rich heritage and vibrant present. From the magnificence of ancient Rome to the masterpieces of Florence and the romance of Verona, this journey offers a comprehensive exploration of Italy's treasures leaving you with lasting memories and an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of this country. None
Smoky Mountains, TN Embrace Nature, Adventure, and Entertainment Pigeon Forge, TN 1 None 0 0 0 0 On this tour of Pigeon Forge, TN, students will experience a blend of nature, adventure, and education. Begin with a scenic hike, connecting with the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Enjoy a full day at Dollywood, a renowned theme park offering thrilling rides. After Dollywood, enjoy a dinner show at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. Take an interactive and educational adventure at WonderWorks, an amusement park for the mind. With a focus on outdoor exploration, theme park fun, and educational engagement, this tour promises to connect students to the wonders of Pigeon Forge. None
Busch Gardens Tampa, FL Aquarium, Science, and Thrills Tampa, FL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Enjoy an exhilarating tour to Tampa, Florida, where you'll immerse yourself in marine wonders, embrace innovation, and experience thrilling rides. From educational encounters to heart-pounding excitement, this tour promises an unforgettable journey. None
River Walk San Antonio, TX Enriching Exploration and Entertaining Adventures San Antonio, TX 1 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on an engaging student group tour of San Antonio, Texas, blending education and entertainment. Unveil the city's rich history with a tour of the iconic Alamo, followed by a leisurely evening along the enchanting Riverwalk. Immerse yourself in cultural treasures at the San Antonio Museum of Art and Market Square and indulge in authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. Experience hands-on learning at The San Antonio Zoo and explore natural wonders at the San Antonio Botanical Garden and Natural Bridge Caverns. Culminate the trip with a lively evening, enjoying a local barbecue feast and the vibrant 'Fiesta Noche del Rio' performance, leaving students with lasting memories of their educational and fun-filled adventure. None
National Museum of Mathematics New York City National Museum of Mathematics and the Empire State Building New York, NY 0 None 1 0 0 0 Discover the world through math in a whole new way. On this day trip, students will explore exhibits using their senses, engage problem-solving skills, and manipulate shapes and numbers at the Museum of Math. Then it’s off on a short walk to the Empire State Building to see a 360-degree view of the spectacular city skyline. This trip is sure to pique your students' interest using the world around them. None
Liberty Bell Philadelphia, PA Walk a Day in History Philadelphia, PA 0 None 1 0 0 0 Get ready to explore Philly’s history in a one-day walking tour. Learn about the iconic crack in the Liberty Bell. Immerse yourself in U.S. History at Independence Hall and discover the U.S. Mint where the first coins were circulated in 1793. It is a day guaranteed to bring textbook information to life. None
Statue of Liberty New York City Exploring the Sights New York, NY 0 None 1 0 0 0 Discover the history, sights, and sounds of NYC. This one-day trip will take your students on a journey to witness the beauty of Lady Liberty and the history of their ancestors at Ellis Island. Take time to reflect at the 9/11 Memorial. Get a glimpse into the events that took place at the World Trade Center while visiting the 9/11 Museum. Your day will be filled with educational experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. None
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park Orlando, FL Florida Residents Experience Disney: Magic Around Every Corner Orlando, FL 0 None 1 0 0 0 This one-day trip is designed to maximize your time taking in the magic that has been around for over 50 years. Spend the day exploring one of the legendary Disney Parks, where beloved characters, iconic attractions, and enchanting experiences await. None
8th Grade Disney Cruise A Disney Cruise for Eighth Grade Graduates The Bahamas 0 None 0 1 0 0 This tour offers graduating students an unforgettable journey into Disney magic and the beauty of the Bahamas, along with plenty of activities and relaxation. None
Universal Studios Los Angeles, California Universal Studios Jr. Grad Bash Los Angeles, CA 0 None 0 1 0 0 Take a captivating journey through the vibrant city of Los Angeles and the enchanting world of Universal Studios. Your adventure is built around the exclusive Jr. Grad Bash event at Universal Studios, offering after-hours access to attractions and entertainment for eighth graders and their chaperones. Start with panoramic views from the Griffith Observatory, followed by a day of Hollywood magic at Universal Studios, where thrilling rides and immersive attractions await. On Day 3, explore iconic Hollywood landmarks during a guided city tour and immerse yourself in the rich history of music at the Grammy Museum. With exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, this student tour promises an extraordinary blend of entertainment and exploration. None
Grad Bash Universal Studios Orlando, Florida Senior Class Extravaganza at Universal Studios Orlando, FL 0 None 0 0 1 0 Experience the ultimate journey through Orlando's renowned attractions! The highlight of this trip is the unforgettable Grad Bash, an exclusive event for high school seniors that gives students after-hours access to the parks. Delve into the enchantment of Universal Studios theme parks for two full days before wrapping up with Grad Bash fun. Day three invites you to ICON Park for a day of exhilarating rides, delectable dining, and breathtaking views. This dynamic itinerary promises unforgettable experiences, from heart-pounding thrills to serene moments above the cityscape. Book your adventure now and be prepared for an experience that will leave you spellbound! None
Senior Dinner Cruise & Grad Party San Francisco, CA Senior Year Memories San Francisco, CA 0 None 0 0 1 0 Experience the captivating charm of San Francisco on this exciting student tour. The highlight of this tour is an unforgettable graduation party cruise on the sparkling waters of San Francisco Bay, creating unforgettable memories with dinner, music, and dancing. Take a guided tour of quintessential sites like Ghirardelli Square, Lombard Street, and Chinatown, followed by a delightful dinner at a local restaurant. Explore Golden Gate Park and all the interactive exhibits at the Visitor Center. Delve into history with a visit to Alcatraz Island before bidding farewell to this vibrant city. This itinerary offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration, educational opportunities, and celebratory moments for an unforgettable student group adventure. None
Grad Bash Universal Studios, Los Angeles California A Senior Class Adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles, CA 0 None 0 0 1 0 Journey through the vibrant city of Los Angeles and the thrilling world of Universal Studios for a senior class tour you won't soon forget. The highlight of your LA visit is the exclusive Grad Bash event at Universal Studios, offering after-hours access to attractions and entertainment. Take in a day of Hollywood magic at the park, where electrifying rides and immersive attractions await long into the night. Wrap up your trip exploring iconic Hollywood landmarks during a guided city tour and immersing yourself in the rich history of music at the Grammy Museum. With visits to the Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica, this student tour promises an extraordinary blend of entertainment and exploration. None
Six Flags Georgia A Senior Class Adventure at Six Flags Over Georgia Atlanta, GA 0 None 0 0 1 0 Set off on an unforgettable journey as you leave your high school years behind! Head to Atlanta to celebrate Grad Nite at Six Flags Over Georgia. Explore the heart of the city on a captivating walking tour that highlights the iconic Centennial Olympic Park and its vibrant surroundings. The tour takes a thrilling turn as you take on rock-climbing and an escape room before you make your way to Six Flags. Stay all night as you participate in the best grads-only party in the area, complete with exhilarating rides, entertainment, and celebrations that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Immerse yourselves in the story of Coca-Cola and learn about its history, branding, and global impact at the World of Coca-Cola. This trip is designed to offer the perfect blend of team-building and electrifying fun, making it an ideal choice for students seeking both enrichment and excitement. None
Grad Nite Disneyland California Adventure Los Angeles, CA A Senior Class Grad Nite Disneyland Celebration Los Angeles, CA 0 None 0 0 1 0 Experience an exciting student group tour that combines the vibrant energy of Los Angeles with the enchantment of Disneyland. The highlight of your trip is Disneyland's famed Grad Nite, where you will experience an exclusive after-hours event solely for seniors. Begin by exploring Los Angeles's iconic sites, including Santa Monica Pier and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Day two brings the magic of Disneyland, where you'll experience a full day of exhilarating attractions and festivities, culminating in the Grad Nite event. On the final day, immerse yourself in the wonder of Disneyland once more before departing with unforgettable memories of both the glamorous city and the beloved theme park. None
Magic Kingdom Orlando, FL Disney Magic and Iconic Fun! Orlando, FL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Get ready to set out on an unforgettable tour of Orlando, Florida – the ultimate destination for magical memories and exciting adventures. Kick things off with a welcome dinner at the renowned Rainforest Café. Spend your days exploring Disney springs, Disney World Resort, and a second Disney Park of your choosing. Students will never forget this journey filled with Disney enchantment, thrilling attractions, and iconic Orlando experiences. None
Georgia Aquarium Where History and Culture Converge Atlanta, GA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Discover the vibrant history, culture, and landmarks of Atlanta, Georgia, on this engaging student tour. From unique Atlantan sites to educational experiences, your journey will be filled with learning, exploration, and unforgettable memories. None
Gateway Arch St.Louis, MO Landmarks, Culture, and Exploration St. Louis, MO 1 None 0 0 0 0 Depart on a captivating journey to the heart of St. Louis with our enriching 3-day student tour. Enjoy a locally inspired lunch before a guided downtown walking tour that unveils the iconic Gateway Arch, Old Courthouse, and Kiener Plaza. Enjoy a group dinner that overlooks the city or the Mississippi River before a time of imaginative exploration at the City Museum. Day two invites the group to the renowned St. Louis Zoo, before taking in the sights of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Have dinner at a local eatery and tour an iconic Italian-American neighborhood to round out the day. Day three brings more exploration and tactile learning at the Saint Louis Science Center. With its more than 100,000 artifacts, there is something for everyone. After your last local lunch, say farewell to the city and journey home. None
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA Iconic Landmarks and Bay Adventures San Francisco, CA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Join us on an immersive student group tour of the vibrant city of San Francisco. Upon your arrival, the adventure begins with a visit to the iconic Lombard Street and a stroll through the historic Ghirardelli Square. Take in North America’s oldest and largest Chinatown and reflect on the importance of Chinese Americans in the City by the Bay. Explore the notorious Alcatraz Island, delving into its intriguing history, and then look behind the scenes to learn about the city’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Learn some of San Francisco's spookiest stories with a ghost tour. The journey continues with a closer look at the city's highlights, from Fisherman's Wharf to the captivating Aquarium of the Bay. With engaging activities, local dining experiences, and treasured memories, this itinerary offers an unforgettable exploration of San Francisco's unique charm and landmarks. None
Skyline Austin, TX Nature, History, and Cultural Exploration Austin, TX 1 None 0 0 0 0 Visit Austin, Texas, on a student tour where students will experience the city's unique blend of nature, music, and culture. Begin with an exploration of landmarks like the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas campus, followed by an evening stroll along South Congress Avenue's vibrant shops. Venture to Lady Bird Lake for a refreshing hike and delve into Texas history at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Uncover artistic treasures at the Blanton Museum of Art and embrace the city's illuminated charm during the night. Conclude with visits to the Texas Memorial Museum and the Texas Museum of Science and Technology, ensuring an enriching and memorable experience for all participants. None
Boston, MA A Historical Journey Through Colonial Charm Boston and Plymouth, MA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Take a captivating journey through the pages of history with our tour of Boston and Plymouth. Begin by tracing the footsteps of America's birth on a Freedom Trail walking tour, taking in the Massachusetts State House and Paul Revere's House. Visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace and enjoy the tastes of Boston. Witness the glittering skyline from the Prudential Center's View Boston. Day two leads you to the coastal charm of Plymouth, where you'll explore the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans at Plymouth Rock. A lantern-lit ghost tour brings Boston's past to life. Uncover the rich history of the Old North Church and the legendary USS Constitution Museum before bidding farewell to these early American cities. None
Miami, FL Exploring Miami's Cultural Mosaic Miami, FL 0 None 1 0 0 0 Join us for an unforgettable day of discovery in the lively city of Miami. This one-day adventure is designed for students to experience Miami's culture, history, and natural wonders. From the opulent Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to the colorful streets of Little Havana, students will explore the diverse cultural influences that have shaped this dynamic city. A thrilling airboat tour through the Everglades will provide students with the opportunity to experience Florida’s wetlands. Throughout the day students will gain insights into art, wildlife, and the importance of cultural preservation, making this trip an educational and memorable experience for all. None
Skyline Chicago, IL Discover the Windy City Chicago, IL 1 None 0 0 0 0 Take an exhilarating student tour through the vibrant city of Chicago. Explore the city's renowned landmarks like Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago, immersing yourself in its rich artistic heritage. Experience the taste of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and the excitement of Navy Pier. Day two leads you to the Museum of Science and Industry, where interactive exhibits ignite scientific curiosity. Engage in a guided architectural boat tour. With visits to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium, this tour captivates minds, creating memories that will linger long after your departure. None
Charleston, SC A Journey Through History and Charm Charleston, SC 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience the rich history and charming allure of Charleston, SC, on this student group tour. Immerse yourself in the past as you explore the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, uncovering colonial secrets. Explore the city's enchanting streets during a guided walking tour that includes visits to the Charleston City Market, Waterfront Park, and other landmarks. Learn about Charleston's complex history at the Old Slave Mart Museum before departing for a trip to Fort Sumter. Stroll through the picturesque Rainbow Row and The Battery, then be transported to the past at Middleton Place's historic plantation and gardens. Throughout, enjoy local cuisine and enriching experiences that ensure an unforgettable journey through Charleston's heritage. None
Skyline Dallas, TX A Dynamic Tour of Education, Culture, and Relaxation Dallas, TX 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience an enriching journey through Dallas, Texas, where education and culture intertwine. From exploring iconic landmarks such as Dealey Plaza to delving into the legacy of President John F. Kennedy, each day is a fascinating chapter. Inspire your creativity at the Dallas Museum of Art, step back in time at Old City Park, and enjoy the city's vibrant urban spaces. Discover the wonders of science at the Perot Museum and unwind with nature's beauty at the Dallas Arboretum. This thoughtfully crafted itinerary ensures an unforgettable journey, blending learning, culture, and relaxation for a well-rounded student experience. None
Boston, MA Visit Historical Sites and Uncover the Past Boston and Salem, MA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Set out on an exciting student group tour that showcases Boston and Salem's historical and cultural tapestry. Begin by tracing the footsteps of America's birth on a guided Freedom Trail walking tour, visiting landmarks such as the Massachusetts State House and Paul Revere's House. Delight in dinner at Faneuil Hall Marketplace before soaring to witness Boston's glittering skyline from the Prudential Center's View Boston. The next day takes you to Salem to explore its mysterious history followed by a charming dinner in Boston and a lantern-lit ghost tour. Conclude your journey with a Duck Boat Tour and a visit to the USS Constitution Museum ensuring a well-rounded and unforgettable educational adventure. None
Equestrian Statute of George Washington Boston, MA A Journey Through America's Past Boston, MA 1 None 0 0 0 0 Experience the rich history, culture, and attractions of Boston, Massachusetts, on a student group tour. From iconic landmarks to captivating museums, your journey will be filled with educational experiences and unforgettable moments. Walk in the footsteps of the nation’s founders as you follow the Freedom Walking Trail across the city. Take a deep dive into New England’s waters as you tour the New England Aquarium followed by a Boston Duck Tour. Round out your time with a visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum where you'll reenact the famous protest that helped spur the Revolution. None