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I hope that you and your families are staying safe and well
The Zoni virtual campus is working satisfactorily for thousands of students who, despite all limitations of the crisis created by the Corona virus (Covid-19), are still trying to fulfill their dreams of learning English.
Zoni is always committed to providing excellent response and care for all of our students, our first contingent help was offering collectively 20% tuition discount, regardless of the individual situation, even the though we already offer the lowest prices. Additionally we are delighted to have rolled out and enhanced the Economic Hardship Assistance program where students have already applied and were granted this assistance (award letters) as per their individual current economic challenges and within a 24 hour time frame approval. This additional assistance is still available for our students until April 12, 2020. Zoni students are reminded that the application is handled individually since each of them has totally different cases and none have the same documentation in their personal files. For this reason, those who are in need of this help, submit your forms and evidence to our office as soon as possible. If you need the forms please contact Christian at  cpoon@zoni.edu  .
In addition, as of today we have successfully completed a conference in regards to the Off Campus Employment Authorization due to the severe economic hardship. For those students who have already completed their application, please request your authorization from our PDSOs through our virtual representative Christian at   cpoon@zoni.edu
For technical inquiries within our Virtual campus please contact at  tech-support@zoni.edu
Stay safe and healthy!


Julio Nieto


Drian Lin

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