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Dear Zoni Community!

We have some good news to share...

Starting tomorrow, Mr. Julio Nieto has organized an office for those students who have extreme economic hardship to study at the Zoni Virtual/Online platform. Economic Hardship Aid will be provided on a case-by-case basis according to the degree of financial need of a student.  The financial hardship included here is not limited to a percentage of scholarship in addition to the discount already granted, but also allowing you to study and pay in the future, Wi-Fi access in order to access the platform and much more... We are welcoming students who are in need to contact our virtual representative Christian at  cpoon@zoni.edu or call 718-565-0900 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Please be aware that they are working remotely, and with your patience ,you will be accommodated and responded to.

Since the Coronavirus social distance measurements can take months from now, Mr. Julio Nieto’s office is helping all the students remotely; those who qualify to apply for an Off campus Employment (working permit) through the USCIS (Immigration) F-1 economic hardship. This office also can guide you to continue your studies and maintain your status while studying online if you decide to travel to your country so that you may return later without losing your F1 student visa.

Please note that all of our educational schools in America are currently operating remotely. K-12 students, colleges, universities and language schools are all teaching online while following the guidelines from our government and agencies. In this case Zoni cannot be an exception. It is actually difficult to be in the midst of federal measures and supporting our students, for this reason Zoni has done everything possible and will continue to do so to satisfy each one and everyone.
Here is a part of the rule we received from the field SEVP office two weeks ago:  Student SEVIS Records, Travel, Etc.: If you have a student withdraw and they are not engaging in online classes or not continuing to study at your school, then you would follow the usual process to terminate the SEVIS record for Authorized Early Withdrawal and leave remarks . In addition, here is the guidance for Schools:  Fulfill Your Reporting Requirements: SEVP-certified Schools and F and M Students SEVP-certified schools may need to adapt their procedures and policies to address the significant public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure that SEVP is able to continue to meet its oversight responsibilities, attached is a template to be used in reporting COVID-19 procedural adaptations to SEVP. In evaluating these changes, SEVP is focused on ensuring that non-immigrant students are able to continue to make normal progress in a full course of study as required by federal regulations.

We are taking this time to thank our faculty and staff members for long hours of work they put in to ensure that the virtual/online campus system which is operational tomorrow March 30, 2020.

We know that this is a very unusual time and we want to continue providing you with resources to ensure that you are successful in this new remote learning environment.
Best wishes to all of our Zoni community, we hope that everyone stays healthy.

Zoilo C Nieto
President and Founder

Drian Lin

Marketing Assistant

Zoni Language Centers LLC