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How to celebrate Halloween - Zoni students in costume

Halloween: How to enjoy America's second largest holiday!

Although most people have heard of Halloween, celebrations in the United States are really something special! At the end of October students studying at Zoni have the chance to experience one of the most fun holidays of the year! In this blog post we look at how to celebrate Halloween, its origins, where did it come from and how did it become so popular in the United States? Then we will tell you everything you need to know about West Village Halloween parade in Manhattan. Finally we look at Halloween at Zoni and how you can join in! READ MORE


Summer activities for students - Zoni field trip to Coney Island

American Fall traditions and activities

It’s September and fall is fast approaching and although some days are still warm enough for T-shirts you would have noticed subtle changes beginning to take place. Officially fall begins on September 23rd – the fall equinox but that doesn’t mean you can’t already start enjoying American fall traditions. READ MORE



Summer activities for students - Zoni field trip to Coney Island

What to do this summer? Fun activities near our schools!

Summer is here and with the warm weather comes with many amazing outdoor activities! Even better, most of these activities are free or cost very little. In this blog post we look at some of the different summer activities for students and how you can spend your free time after class.

Summer in New York is always fun. New York is committed to offering a range of different recreational and cultural events absolutely free!  READ MORE

Celebrate Independence Day - Revellers at the National Archive

How to Celebrate like a Local this Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July or Independence Day is not only historically important, it is also one of the biggest and most fun holidays of the year. This blog post begins with a brief introduction to the history of Independence Day. After that, we look at how it is celebrated across the United States of America. Finally, and most importantly, we give you information about some of the exciting activities going on around New York, like the Macy’s Fireworks display or the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest. READ MORE

Students on the Zoni Field Trip to washington DC

Practice English, Visit Exciting Places and Have Fun!
Join our Field Trip to Washington DC!

Each year around June one of the highlights of the Zoni activity calendar takes place – The Washington D.C Field Trip. Many of our students look forward to this all year. Anyone who has seen previous years’ photos would have seen just how much fun this field trip is. This blog post will give you all the information you need to join in, as well as, a little bit of history for places you will visit in D.C. READ MORE

Zoni Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers have a huge impact on our lives. In the United States if you go to school from PreK until 12th Grade (and attended most days), you would have spent approximately 16,380 hours in class by the time you graduate. That is a lot of time spent with your teachers. READ MORE

Earth day at Zoni

Let's Talk About Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated around the world by more than a billion people each year. It is the largest non-religious international day of observance. However, Earth Day was not always popular. Earth Day is a relatively new holiday, one that in the span of almost 50 years has grown in importance and ability to affect change. In this blog post we will talk about how Earth Day began, why we celebrate it and how you can get involved. READ MORE

Everything you need to know about St Patrick’s Day

As March 17 approaches you may have noticed new decorations in shop windows – shamrocks (3-leaf clover), leprechauns and pots of gold. You may have also noticed that everything seems to be turning green! Not with envy, but in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Most people have heard of St Patrick and know he has something to do with Ireland. But do you actually know what makes him so special? In this Blog post learn who he was, what he did and how you can join in the fun!  READ MORE.

6 Ways to Beat the Summer Sun

The summer is fast approaching and it is important that you protect yourself from harmful sun rays and dehydration. Here are a few pointers on how to beat the heat and have a safe, healthy and fun summer.

Tips: Use sunscreen before spending large amounts of time outside, even if you are not in the sun. Wear comfortable and light clothing to avoid heat exhaustion. READ MORE

Why you should be Studying at Zoni Miami Beach

There are so many reasons for studying in Miami Beach. Here are a few things that our students tell us make Miami Beach the perfect place to live and learn!

The Weather- Miami averages an annual temperature of 79 degrees fahrenheit with the majority of days having sunshine. The city is also known for its world famous beaches. READ MORE

TEACHER PROFILE: Manhattan Campus - Patrick Hennessey

In this teacher profile we meet Zoni Manhattan teacher, Patrick Hennessey. Patrick was born in Bayonne New Jersey, USA. Even from an early age, Patrick was interested in languages. It is not surprising that he is an avid traveler and enjoys learning about new cultures. Combining his love of language and travel, Patrick taught English in Argentina for a year in 2014.  READ MORE

7 Fun things to do in Manhattan After Class!

There are so many things to do in Manhattan! Here are our 7 top free-time activities according to our students, teachers and staff.

  1. Central Park
    Whether enjoying fresh food from locally sourced farms, camping out for Shakespeare in the park, cooling off... READ MORE

Tips to Reduce your Accent when Speaking English

Tip #1 Imitate the accent you want to have

Listening to music or watching a video on Youtube are great ways to improve your accent. Find a video or song that has the accent you want to speak with.  Try mimicking the accent as much as possible in your free time. READ MORE

Reasons your Child should Study English in our Summer Teen Program

Do you have a teen that wants to learn English? Zoni Language Centers offers an amazing Summer Teen Program that caters especially to the learning styles of teenagers. In this Blog post we give you a few reasons why our Summer Teen Program is right for your child. READ MORE