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Tips to reduce your accent when speaking English

Wondering how to improve your english accent? These students know how!

If you were wondering how to improve your English accent, these tips and tricks are for you!

Tip #1 Imitate the accent you want to have

Listening to music or watching a video on Youtube are great ways to improve your accent. Find a video or song that has the accent you want to speak with.  Try mimicking the accent as much as possible in your free time.

Tip # 2 Ask your English Speaking Friends

Sit down with your friends and ask them which words are difficult to understand when you are speaking. They can help you practice the phonetics and pronunciation of certain words.

Tip # 3 Record yourself

Don’t be embarrassed by the sound of your voice or accent. Listen to yourself, and choose which parts of your speech you want to improve on.

Tip # 4 Practice in your spare time

Practicing whether it is in the shower, on the train, or alone in the mirror will help you concentrate, allowing you to say something with more confidence and ease. Repetition is everything.

Tip # 5 Patience

Accents do not disappear overnight, effort is required.  As long as you practice and stop doubting your ability, your accent will decrease. It takes belief, practice, and time.  For more information on Zoni’s English classes visit our Programs and Courses page.