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6 Ways to Beat the Summer Sun

The summer is fast approaching and it is important that you protect yourself from harmful sun rays and dehydration. Here are a few pointers on how to beat the heat and have a safe, healthy and fun summer.


Use sunscreen before spending large amounts of time outside, even if you are not in the sun. Wear comfortable and light clothing to avoid heat exhaustion. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of sugar and salt.

Options for cooling off in the city this summer:

  1. Take a boat ride down the Hudson.
    Cruise down the Hudson River on a sailboat, taking in the scenic views of the city or further north to the mountains.
  2. Enjoy the many rooftop pools the city has to offer.
    Plunge into NYC’s public rooftop pools and enjoy a spectacular view of the city all around you.
  3. Have a drink at the icebox bar.
    Journey to the arctic at the various icebox bars around the city. Coats and gloves are provided along with amazing refreshing cocktails in rooms made of ice.
  4. Have a gelato in the shade of Central Park.
    Escape the bustle of the city and find tranquility in Central Park. Relax on the the green lawn were you can also eat amazing gelato while watching a film.
  5. Enjoy the cool dark movie theatres.
    Escape the scorching sun and stretch out your legs in an air conditioned movie theater.
  6. Enjoy the beach at Coney Island or Rockaway Beach.
    What is more New York then going to Coney Island?  Swim in the cold Atlantic water and enjoy the rides.

Now you know our 6 top tips on how to beat the heat in New York - Now grab your sunscreen and enjoy your summer!

On a hot summer evening it's importnt to know how to beat the heat!
Know how to beat the heat this summer in New York's Central Park