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Why you should be studying at Zoni Miami Beach

There are so many reasons for studying in Miami. Here are a few things that our students tell us make Miami Beach the perfect place to live and learn!


Miami averages an annual temperature of 79 degrees fahrenheit and is mostly sunny. Also, the city is renowned for its beaches. This means you can cool off in the warm crystal blue water and play on the white sand when you are not in class.


Miami is home to many music and art festivals. Go out in the famous art deco district of South Beach, shop in Coconut Grove, see the botanical gardens in Coral Gables, or have a nice dinner on one of the marinas. Ultimately, Miami has it all!


The Wynwood is an old industrial neighborhood turned outdoor art exhibition. In addition, the neighborhood has many great bars and restaurants. Furthermore, Wynwood now hosts over 70 galleries, five museums, seven art complexes, 12 art studios, five art fairs and the Wynwood Walls Murals.


Experience the mixture of American, Latin, and Caribbean culture. Dance on the street during Carnival or Calle Ocho in Little Havana. See how the people of Miami live and  show their cultural pride.


Try amazing fresh seafood, strong coffee, tropical fruits, or the classic Cubano sandwich.  Let your taste buds explore the flavors from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. For example, Empanadas from Colombia, hot dogs Venezuelan style, Brazilian and Argentinian steakhouses, you name it, you can find it Miami.


Scuba Dive and see the amazing aquatic life Miami has to offer. Take a short trip out of the city and see the Everglades. See panthers, alligators, and other exotic species.

Ready to start studying in Miami? Find out more about our campus and Miami beach in general on our Zoni Miami Beach page.

When you are not studying in Miami, why not head to the beach?
Gorgeous beaches - just one reason why you should be studying in Miami
Zoni students studying in Miami enjoy a game of beach volleyball