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Activities for students at Zoni
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Zoni offers a wide range of activities for students

Zoni Language Centers offers a huge range of fun activities for students across all of our campuses. In additional to celebrating national holidays and special days, we also have regular field trips to museums, attractions and other interesting places. From time to time we also take students studying in the US further afield to places such as Washington DC where we visit the Whitehouse (from the outside of course), Lincoln Memorial and other important sites. Furthermore, students enjoy sports days, bike tours and events like our famous annual boat party or Cultural Showcase.

Why so many activities for students?

We know that you have chosen Zoni to learn English. However, did you know that a lot of your learning will happen outside the classroom? Our classes will give the foundation and the confidence to use English. Our activities give you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt in real situations.

It is our goal to help you master the English language. At Zoni we are committed to giving you every chance to do just that. Specially to our New Jersey schools where the essential objective is avocational in a great entertainment and recreation character for personal interest.

Do I have to sign up for activities?

All of our field trips and excursions are optional (unless they are part of your course) and can be chosen once you arrive at Zoni. This means that you can choose which activities sound interesting to you. Some English courses have field trips in the curriculum. If the field trip is part of your course you are expected to attend, just like a regular class. But don’t worry these trips are always fun!

For other on-campus celebrations such as our cultural showcase, all students take part. They are a great way to have some fun, meet students in other classes and learn about something new.

This all sounds like fun, where can I see pictures?

You can see many, many photos of our activities for students and celebrations in the photo section of our Zoni facebook profile.

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, all in-person activities have been suspended until the authorities announce the return of social activities in educational institutions.