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User regulations establishing the terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Zoni Language Academy of Manizales Website (hereinafter "Zoni Academy" or "the entity"). In this document, you will find the General and Specific Conditions established for its use, which you must read before starting your exploration. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, please refrain from using it. Please note that browsing and using our Website implies your full acceptance of such conditions, as well as all future amendments and modifications.

General Conditions

Purpose: Through this Website, Zoni Academy facilitates access to programs and services related to learning the English language, other languages, and the dissemination of opportunities for studying abroad, through various academic and cultural services, links, and content such as information, news, and data of interest to the community in general.

Contents: The use of the services offered through our Website may be subject to general or particular conditions of their own which, in each case, replace, complement, and/or modify the General Conditions; therefore, prior to using such services, you must review the corresponding particular conditions. All information and content will be defined at any time unilaterally, autonomously, and at the discretion of Zoni Academy, and in no case does the use of this Website by the visitor or user imply any restriction or limitation of any kind to this faculty.

Definitions: For the application and purposes of these terms of use, in addition to the other definitions contained in this document, the following will be taken into account:

Contents: Mean all forms of information or data disclosed on this Website, among others: texts, images, photos, logos, designs, animation, video, audio, and computer programs.

Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are automatically downloaded (if allowed by security rules) when browsing a specific website. A cookie stores certain information about the visitor that the page considers important to remember.

Intellectual Property Rights: All intellectual property rights of Zoni Academy or of any person who is a legitimate holder, relating, among others, to: distinctive signs, trademarks, slogans, banners, logos, domain names, copyright, or patents on computer programs, databases, designs, content, or any other work or intellectual creation related to the object, operation, or performance of its Website.

Internet: It is the public network of computer networks that enables the transmission of information between users or between users and a location on the network, as well as between electronic media or networks, such as the World Wide Web (WWW) and online services.

Data Message: Information generated, sent, received, stored, or communicated by electronic, optical, or similar means, such as, among others, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the Internet, email, telegram, telex, or fax.

Password: Corresponds to the alphanumeric code chosen by the user of the Zoni Academy Website, which allows access to the online services available on it.

Services: These are the online services that Zoni Academy currently or in the future provides to users through this Website, such as: i) Publication of its own or third-party content. ii) E-commerce services. iii) Online admissions and enrollment services. iv) Academic services such as grade inquiries and other user information. v) Email service. vi) Complaint box.

Information System: It will be understood as any system used to generate, send, receive, archive, or process data messages in any way.

Website: The Zoni Academy Cultural Center Website of Cali, for the purposes of these conditions, will be referred to as the Website and will be located at the URL: http//: www.colomboamericano.edu.co or at any other URL that is discretely and without limitation designated for this purpose, and will be subject to these terms of use and the privacy policy published on it.

User: The person who registers on the Zoni Academy Website as an active student or graduate.

Visitor: The person who, without being an active student or graduate, explores the Zoni Academy Website in order to obtain general information about its academic services and cultural activities.

World Wide Web: Refers to the network of resources accessible on the Internet, using the resource transfer protocol - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - http.

Web Beacon: Also known as an Internet tag or transparent pixel or GIF, it is used to transmit information to a Web server.

Access and use conditions of the Website: As a visitor and/or user, you acknowledge and accept that you access and use our Website and/or its contents and services, freely and consciously, under your exclusive responsibility. Consequently, you expressly undertake to make appropriate use of them and not to use them for:

Disseminate criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, or, in general, illegal or contrary to law or public order content;


Given the binding nature of the terms and conditions, it is solely the responsibility of the visitor and/or user to review the current terms at all times. The notices or legal terms expressly indicated on certain pages of the Zoni Academy Sites will prevail over the stipulations provided in these general terms. If the visitor and/or user is under eighteen (18) years of age, the use of the Zoni Academy Website services will be presumed to be accepted by the parents or guardians of the minor.

Responsibility: By visiting and/or using the Zoni Academy Website, you guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of all the data you provide on it and will be solely responsible for any false, inaccurate, or defamatory statements you make on it. The User and/or visitor will be liable for damages of any kind that the entity or third parties may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of the breach of any of the obligations arising from the General or Special Conditions established in this document, and of the law in relation to the use of the Website.

Exclusion of warranties: Zoni Academy does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of its Website or of other websites with which a link has been established. Likewise, it will not be responsible in any case for direct or indirect damages that may arise from:

The unsuitability, accuracy, and/or timeliness of the content made available or the services offered in a traditional or online manner.

The presence of viruses, Trojans, worms, or other types of cyberattacks that may affect the service or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in computer systems (software and hardware), electronic documents, or user data.

The unavailability of the Website, delays, or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads in networks, the internet system, or other electronic systems used in its operation.

Attacks or incidents against the security of the Website or its information systems; or any unauthorized, fraudulent, or illegal exposure or access to the Website that may affect the confidentiality, integrity, or authenticity of the information published on the Site or associated with the content and services offered on the Website.

Violations of laws, good faith, public order, traffic practices, and these General Conditions of Use as a result of the incorrect use of the Website by visitors or users thereof.

Other damages that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized intrusions beyond the control of Zoni Academy.

The use that Users and/or third parties may make of their Website, the content, or services, or any damages and losses that may arise therefrom.

The lack of legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, and/or timeliness of the content included on the Website by third parties.

Decisions or actions taken or avoided by the User relying on the information or data provided in the content, including, without limitation, loss of profits or business opportunities.

Indemnity: In your capacity as a visitor and/or user of our Website, as well as of other websites accessed through the hyperlinks offered on it, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Zoni Academy and its employees harmless from any claim, expense, liability, loss, cost, and damage, including attorney's fees, judicial and extrajudicial expenses, incurred by the indemnified parties as a result of your non-compliance with these general and special conditions, established for the use of this Website, or for third-party websites.

Information and third-party websites - Links: The Zoni Academy Website may offer hyperlinks or access to third-party websites and content that allow you to expand on the information provided on it, or that are related to it, such as websites of government entities, organizations, social networks, employment services, among others. This does not imply in any way that Zoni Academy controls, endorses, or guarantees the content included on such sites. Therefore, it is not responsible for information that is outside of its Website, particularly for any content, associated link, resource, or service related to a third-party site; nor is it responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that may result from the use of third-party content. In the event that Zoni Academy deems it appropriate or is required to do so by a court or administrative order, it will remove links to web pages that violate applicable law and/or infringe the rights of third parties. Zoni Academy does not pursue any profit, gain, or commercial interest with the content or links published on its Website that can be accessed through it. Simply by accessing another Website or an individual document located on another Website, through a link or link established on the Zoni Academy Website, you are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the site to which the link refers. Neither Zoni Academy nor the individuals who coordinate, administer, or update this Website will be responsible in any case for the content, scope, truthfulness, validity, integrity, authenticity, or legality of any information that the user finds on it or on other websites.

About job offers: Zoni Academy is not obligated to guarantee the truthfulness or reliability of job positions or job offers that are advertised. Similarly, it does not guarantee that users and/or visitors will find employment by registering their offer on the portal, nor that companies will be able to find the required personnel. It strictly prohibits the publication of offers that, due to their content, may be considered illegal or that infringe on the rights of third parties or that require an investment of money by the candidate.

About social networks: As a tool for interaction with the general community, Zoni Academy has created its profile on some social networks available on the internet, subject to compliance with the terms of use specific to those sites. Without prejudice to the above, the entity is autonomous in managing its profile and, therefore, reserves the right to accept and delete users, followers, content, and publications that, in its opinion, violate the terms of use of such networks or harm the morals, good customs, and reputation of Zoni Academy or third parties. In any case, the visitor and/or user of the entity's pages and profiles incorporated on social networks will be solely responsible for any damages and losses that may be caused to Zoni Academy and third parties due to their improper use of these websites.

Registration: To access the services of the Zoni Academy Website, you must register by providing the personal information requested, accurately and precisely, and you must keep it up to date. You will decide your username and access password, hereinafter "Password." The user's name does not necessarily have to match their real name and last name, which will allow them, for example, to maintain their anonymity even if user names may be published in certain sections of the Website or in different format publications. As a user, you are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of your Password and update your personal data. The entity will not be responsible in any case for damages caused or that may be caused by the misuse, whether in good faith or in bad faith, of your passwords by third parties. In any case, Zoni Academy will ensure the proper protection of the information registered by its users, in the terms and conditions provided by the Privacy Policy, incorporated as a specific condition of these General Terms and Conditions of use of the Website.

Payment Processing: For the payment of services offered by Zoni Academy on its Website, the user may access and use the pages of third parties with whom it has agreements for online payment. Once on the third party's Website, the user may make the respective payment, following the instructions and complying with the terms and conditions of that site. In any case, Zoni Academy will not be responsible for any damages or losses suffered by the user when making payments or transactions through the third-party Website.

Intellectual Property of the Website: All intellectual property rights over the content and/or other elements inserted on its Website (including, without limitation, trademarks, logos, trade names, texts, images, icons, photographs, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, audio, and video) belong to Zoni Academy and/or third parties and are protected by copyright laws of the Republic of Colombia, the Andean Community of Nations, and by the provisions of international treaties. In no case does access to the Website imply any type of waiver, transmission, license, or total or partial assignment of said rights unless expressly stated otherwise. These general conditions do not confer on visitors and/or users any other right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, or public communication of the Website and/or its content other than those expressly provided herein. Any other use or exploitation of such rights will be subject to the prior and express authorization specifically granted for this purpose by Zoni Academy or the third party owner of the affected rights.

Information about trademarks: The trademarks, graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, and scripts that appear on the site belong solely and exclusively to Zoni Academy and should not be used in any way that could cause confusion among customers or that could denigrate or discredit the entity, nor in connection with any service or product that has not been sponsored, approved, or produced by it. The rest of the trademarks that are not owned by Zoni Academy and that appear on its Website belong to their respective owners. Trademarks and content owned by Zoni Academy will be identified with the ® symbol and/or the expression "All Rights Reserved," as appropriate.

Advertising: Zoni Academy will not send information to the user's email or electronic address that they have not requested, except for information or news related to the academic and cultural services it offers, always informing the user that they have the right to express their desire not to continue receiving such information. In operating its Website, Zoni Academy does not generate, disclose, or send information, content, or messages that are illegal, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, racist, or sexist.

Actions in case of non-compliance: Zoni Academy reserves the right to exercise all legal and/or administrative actions available to it to demand the responsibilities arising from the non-compliance by users and/or visitors of any of the provisions of the General and Special Conditions of Use of its Website.

Conflict Resolution: Any dispute that arises between Zoni Academy and users or visitors to its Website, related to the general and special conditions established for its use, will be discussed by the Parties before being submitted to the competent jurisdictional bodies under the laws of the Republic of Colombia. All agreements reached will have the effect of a transaction under the applicable rules and regulations. If the Parties do not reach an agreement within thirty (30) days following the date of written notification of the conflict, either party may resort to the competent jurisdictional bodies. This is without prejudice to considering other mechanisms such as amicable settlement or conciliation before authorized centers for this purpose.

Modifications: Zoni Academy reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration, and location of its Website at any time, as well as the content, services, and conditions required for its use. It also reserves the right to suspend, interrupt, or cease the operation of its Website at any time, or to suspend some or all of the services offered through it, without prior notice. Likewise, it reserves the right to restrict or permanently withdraw, without prior notice, access by those registered users who fail to comply with any of the General and/or Special Conditions of use of its Website or of the websites where the entity's profile is hosted. It also reserves the right to modify these General Conditions as well as the Special Conditions, usage regulations, instructions, or notices that may apply at any time. Such modifications will be published on the Website, and it is the user's responsibility to review the terms and conditions each time they access it.

Duration and Termination: The provision of the service on the Zoni Academy Website is of indefinite duration; however, the entity may terminate or suspend it at any time, without prejudice to what may have been established in the corresponding general and special conditions. When reasonably possible, Zoni Academy will give prior notice of the termination or suspension of the provision of the Portal service and other Services through the same Website or through publications made on the information sites available at any of its locations.

Integrity and Severability: If any provision of these terms is ineffective, void, or non-existent or cannot be enforced under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, the remaining provisions will not be invalidated unless the contract cannot be performed without the ineffective, void, non-existent, or unenforceable provision.

Applicable Law and Domicile: The general and special conditions of use of this Website are governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Colombia, and for all legal purposes applicable to the development and fulfillment of the obligations arising from them, the contractual domicile is established as the city of Manizales.

Consent: As a student and/or customer, I understand that there is an inherent risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, declared a pandemic by the WHO. Likewise, I am aware that there is a greater risk of complications if I have comorbidities susceptible to the virus. Aware of these facts, I expressly agree and assume the risk of being infected and suffering the possible consequences of the virus while attending the face-to-face classes offered by Zoni Academy. I also agree to strictly comply with the biosecurity protocols and regulations established by Zoni Academy during my stay on its premises.

Special Conditions

Privacy Policies

Zoni Academy of Colombia respects the privacy of user information and personal data. This privacy policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how it is used, who we share it with, and the choices you can make about its use. It also describes the measures the entity takes to protect the security of your information and how you can contact us about our privacy practices. We ask users of this website to read this privacy policy and the terms of use of the website carefully and thoroughly before starting to explore or use it. If you do not agree with any provision of this policy or any of the entity's website terms of use, please refrain from using it.

General Aspects: The following are the general aspects that guide the privacy policy of the Zoni Academy website:

This website, the information, content, and services incorporated therein are of public knowledge; therefore, the comprehensive acceptance of this privacy policy is a mandatory and indispensable condition for the user to use them.

Acceptance of this privacy policy by the user of this website will occur when any of the following events occur: i) Provision of data in the website's registration forms. ii) The use of acceptance, security, and access mechanisms to the website established by Zoni Academy. iii) The consultation of any content incorporated on the entity's website or on its profiles and pages hosted on third-party websites. iv) The use of any of the services available on the entity's website.

The user of the website agrees to know, comply with, and fulfill all laws and regulations related to their obligations and duties under this privacy policy.

Zoni Academy is authorized at any time to review, modify, or add any of the provisions of this privacy policy in order to comply with any legal requirements.

Registration Information

a) Collection, Access, and Use of Information: The following are the guidelines of the privacy policy regarding the collection, access, and use of registration information provided by the user through the Zoni Academy website:

The data or personal or general information that the entity collects from users of its website will be used exclusively to fulfill the purposes of its website, and its use is as established in this privacy policy.

By accepting this privacy policy, the user of the website expressly assigns the personal and general data provided to the entity through this website and authorizes its automated processing and use as stated in this privacy policy.

The registration information requested from the user is minimal to comply with the current legal regulations in Colombia and international practices regarding privacy and data protection on the Internet.

In the registration process, the user will be notified with an asterisk (*) which information must be provided mandatorily and which is optional.

The user of this website expressly authorizes Zoni Academy to process the information requested for automated processing in order to provide efficient and personalized service. For this same purpose, the user expressly authorizes the entity to disclose, transfer, or transfer their personal data and the information provided on this website to other entities, organizations, academic units, agencies, or sections linked or associated with the Zoni Academy institution of Manizales.

Registration information will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances, except with other entities, organizations, academic units, agencies, or sections linked or associated with the Zoni Academy institution of Manizales.

The registration information requested from the user may be shared with other websites of the entity or entities or organizations linked or associated with it, provided that its use is for the purpose of improving the services directed to the user.

Zoni Academy may also conduct surveys of users at any time to internally assess website traffic and the quality of the online services it offers.

Disclosure of Registration Information: Each user's registration information is private and is not shared with other individuals or companies, except when Zoni Academy, acting reasonably, believes that one of the following circumstances exists:

Existence of a legal duty or mandate that obliges its provision.

The need to protect and defend their rights and interests.

Enforce compliance with the terms of use of any information, content, or service available on the entity's website.

Protect and defend the rights and interests of users of the website and third parties.

Any other exception defined in the applicable law to this privacy policy.

User Obligations and Duties: The following are the obligations, duties, minimum practices, and warnings that should guide the user's conduct in accordance with this privacy policy:

The user agrees to provide Zoni Academy through its website with true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about themselves, as indicated in the registration form. Additionally, the user agrees to collaborate with the entity to keep this information up-to-date and complete.

Zoni Academy reserves the right to withdraw any information disclosed on the website without prior notice to the user if it considers it harmful or detrimental to its interests or the interests of third parties. However, it is not obligated to remove information that any user finds offensive.

When the user provides any information to the entity, the user must take precautions to prevent the loss or improper use of that information. In the event of failing to take such measures, Zoni Academy shall not be responsible for the use that third parties may make of improperly secured and protected information by the user.

The user shall not collect and disclose the personal data or information of other users of the Zoni Academy website that is disclosed through it or stored in the entity's information systems.

The user shall not publish on other websites or through any means the personal data or information of other users of the Zoni Academy website that is disclosed through it or stored in the entity's information systems.

The provision of false information or the omission of any obligation or duty of the user established in this privacy policy gives Zoni Academy the right to automatically terminate, without prior notice and permanently, the provision of services to the user.

Habeas Data: Personal information is understood to be that provided by the user for registration, which includes data such as: names, identification, date and place of birth, address, city, telephone, email, education, occupation, and workplace, among others. The User acknowledges that the entry of personal information is done voluntarily and taking into account the characteristics of the portal and the use faculties by Zoni Academy, with the understanding that such information will be part of a file and/or database that will contain their profile, which may be used by the entity as established herein. The user may modify or update the information provided at any time. The personal information provided by the user is secured by an access key that only the user can access and knows. The user is solely responsible for keeping this key and the included information confidential. Zoni Academy undertakes not to attempt to access or pretend to know this key. Since no Internet transmission is absolutely secure, and this cannot be guaranteed, the user assumes the hypothetical risk that this implies, which they accept and acknowledge. Zoni Academy is not responsible for any consequences arising from unauthorized third-party access to the database and/or for any technical failure in the operation and/or data preservation in the system in any of its website services. It is recommended that the user take necessary measures at all times to ensure their security. The entity does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot have knowledge of the type, conditions, characteristics, and circumstances of the user's use of its website. The information stored in the system and all information resulting from compilation will be the property of Zoni Academy, unless the user expressly indicates disagreement with its use.

Contact: In the event that a user of the Zoni Academy website receives an unsolicited email message or any threatening or offensive message or believes that another user or any person is violating their rights under this privacy policy, they must send a complete and unmodified copy of the received email message, with complete headers, to the following email address: info@zoni.com. You can also send any questions you may have about what is stated in this privacy policy to that email address.

Incorporation by Reference: The user is advised that, in accordance with Article 44 of Law 527 of 1999, these terms and conditions are an integral part of the general terms of use established for the Zoni Academy website and are incorporated by reference into them, complementing each other so that aspects not regulated in them are subject to the provisions set forth in the general terms and conditions of use of the entity's website. These terms and conditions will be legally valid as if they had been fully incorporated into the text of the general terms and conditions of use of the Zoni Academy website.