Language Certification

Certify Your Language:

Being certified in your English language skills instills confidence in the institution or company where you intend to study or work. It is a formal confirmation, through the issuance of a diploma, that you possess the competencies defined by certifying bodies.

Being certified is like having a stamp of quality, as if one could be marketed and held in higher regard than others. Certification establishes a relationship of complete trust between the certified individual and interested parties such as companies, institutions, etc. This relationship is related to cultural, social, and ethical aspects, making certification also an ethical tool.





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Zoni Academy's virtual learning environment offers the same high-quality curriculum, student support, and learning outcomes for which Zoni is recognized. All English language students can join Zoni's interactive virtual English classes, start a pathway program to enter an affiliated school, college, or university, interact with teachers from around the world, make new friends, and stay connected. Here you can access our platform.

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Professional Exam Preparation

Professional Exams

Executive Courses:

The total immersion course combines group classes, individual classes, and in-person or virtual sessions. It is focused on English language needs for business and benefits from experiential learning and maximum exposure to the English language. It covers English for presentations, specialized business vocabulary, negotiation, telephone skills, written reports, social interactions, real-world case studies, and workshops. The program consists of 20 group lessons per week, 10 individual lessons per week, and 10 supervised self-study sessions. Entrepreneurs, executives from large and small companies, politicians, or elite athletes have completed this program in previous years due to its high-quality teaching.

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Business English:

Our ESL Business English course is a 12-week English program divided into 4-week modules. Each module covers a different topic or theme, as well as essential English skills. Ultimately, this course helps students succeed professionally in an English language environment.

In addition to improving general English skills, students learn professional communication skills and important business terminologies. They also delve into the intricacies of written business communication. Similarly, our ESL Business English course examines international business practices and culture. Therefore, students gain a comprehensive understanding of both English and international business.

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Corporate Courses:

Enhance the communication skills of your teams and boost your company's performance and productivity with customized courses tailored to your sector or industry.

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Course: English for Specific Purposes (Advanced English):

The English for Specific Purposes course (Advanced English) covers a variety of academic topics. This includes petroleum, engineering, medicine, commerce, education, and more.

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