Blog #2

What are the disadvantages?

Teachers need to distill their key objectives and leverage technological features to achieve them. If used effectively, online chat, discussion forums, replayable video lessons, online meetings, etc., offer tremendous opportunities to make students more engaged (and accountable) compared to traditional classrooms with limited time where students hide, and few hands are raised.

The disadvantage is that this requires effort; we know from research that pedagogy matters. Educators cannot simply scan the textbook, record the lesson, put it online, and expect the same or better learning outcomes.

Currently, there are fully virtual institutions that, in reality, possess tools that pedagogically do not work, such as those with websites featuring games and offering an online instructor who is not the same for practice, and every time you meet with the instructor, it's someone different who doesn't know you and doesn't keep track of your progress. When it comes to online education, it is recommended to please make a good selection because not everything commercial is true. Trust institutions that are endorsed and accredited by the respective governments and agencies.