Blog #10


Shared accommodation with other students is common and popular. In most countries, there are advertisements in various media that often include the rental of rooms, apartments, and houses. In this type of accommodation, students organize to share the space, and each student has their own room, but common areas and housing responsibilities are shared. Houses and apartments can be rented through a real estate agent or directly from the owners and may be furnished or unfurnished. Rental costs vary significantly depending on the region of the country. When renting a property, it is common to request one month's rent as a deposit in case the tenant causes damage to the property. If no damage has occurred, the deposit will be returned at the end of the lease agreement. If you decide to rent a house or an apartment, you typically need to sign an official contract with the landlord. In each country, you should inquire about the documentation required to lease a property. This document, known as the rental contract, establishes the obligations of the owner (landlord) and the tenant (lessee), who are the students, and they must agree to the conditions.