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English courses for Young Learners

Kids Academy

English courses for Young Learners

This course is hosted by @Zoni Language Academy

For young learners we run courses for different levels.

Age: 8-14 years old

Course length: two hour and ten minutes for 18 weeks

Course description

This is a fun-learning course designed to make new learners feel confident and cheerful in studying the language. Students are taught using flashcards, realia, music and chants, games, stories, and creative activities. These are all kept fun and short to ensure attention and enjoyment.

Although the emphasis is on students becoming confident with speaking and listening, we will also touch gently on reading and writing.

Continuous practice of the use of the language will allow your child to see for themselves how much they have learned.

Materials have been chosen and designed to specifically appeal to students of this age group. They will be given a lot of practice exercises to enhance their skills and ensure that they achieve the desired English proficiency.

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