Juniors Courses

Juniors English Courses in New York City

Junior English courses in New York are probably the most exciting opportunity to learn English abroad with a fascinating program of activities in one of the most impressive cities in the world. The young students, who take a trip to New York to learn English, live together in the middle of Manhattan in a student residence. This is a safe environment in which you have the opportunity to sample the incredible atmosphere of the metropolis of New York – an experience that you will remember for the whole of your life! Juniors can learn English in New York with other young people from around the world can make new friends and explore the city and its surroundings on exciting excursions. There are great attractions and famous places to discover such as: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street, Broadway ... and everywhere, whether sightseeing or shopping, you are surrounded by the English language, so you can communicate in English in real everyday situations. It will allow you to increase your self-confidence in dealing with a foreign language. A visit to Broadway to see the most up-to-date plays in one of the most legendary theatre districts in the world is fascinating and good listening practice. The school organizes numerous excursions in New York so that you can experience different sites of the city through sightseeing tours, visits to amusement parks, museums or the zoo. New York offers endless opportunities for you to spend a great time in the city.

Juniors English Course in Miami Beach

Our Junior English courses in Miami Beach offers learners aged 12 - 18 from all over the world the opportunity to improve their English language skills, explore South Florida and enjoy one of the world's greatest cities and a varied and exciting activity program.

Our junior courses are an all-inclusive English program for students aged 12 to 18. With many years of experience, we have designed this unique English program to not only improve teenagers' English language skills, but to spark interest in local culture, discover the attractions in Miami, and make American and international friends!

Two (2) blocks from the beach and walk to classes on Miami's famous Ocean Drive!

Highlights - Junior Courses:

  • General English lessons:
    Miami - 14 hrs. per week
    New York – 16 hrs. per week
  • Organized, staff-led afternoon and evening activities

Student visa is not required to attend this program. You can come to the US on a tourist visa.

22 W 34th St, Nueva York, NY 10001