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How does it work?

Zoni's online virtual classroom combines the best of both worlds. In our online classroom you will be able to follow lessons just the way you are used to. But, with lots of extras that you will not find in a traditional classroom. First of all, since you do not need to be physically present, you can be in a comfortable chair behind your computer and learn English with a prescribe schedule and worldwide students at the same time. You can also a time that is most convenient for you according to the school general schedule. In the Zoni virtual classroom our teachers can write at the white board as well show PDFs, documents and spreadsheets, share videos and music and even browse Webpages with you! All this makes for an unparalleled learning experience that keeps you motivated and yields the quickest results. Further your teacher will evaluate you all the time and you will be tested in all skills.

Who are our teachers?

Our teachers come from all Zoni Language Centers New York Metropolitan area where 30 years of experience teaching English and are well-travelled with our strong Zoni curriculum. They have experience in a range of areas including Business, Law, and Higher Education. We encourage them to be creative and inspiring while also ensuring they follow our carefully-planned syllabus which has been designed to make sure you make maximum progress in your English course.

Behind Zoni Institute Virtual Live is a passionate team of specially trained English teachers. Our teachers are all posses TESOL certification, university educated and Teaching English as a foreign language or Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test, certified to teach English.


Who are our Virtual campus team?

As a team, we work together to make sure that we offer quality education and full support to our students worldwide.

Our school has a friendly community of student service representative. They are all qualified bilingual people and have a range of experience.

Time efficient


Learn English on Zoni Institute virtual classroom and save precious time traveling to and from class. Through Zoni's virtual classroom you will be able to learn English from the comfort of your own home or anywhere. Entering the classroom is easy and quick. At the time of your lesson just go to our platform page, enter the classroom along with your classmates from different parts of the world, once your teacher has opened it and get ready to learn!


Zoni's English language training can get you speaking right from the first lesson, learning with a professional instructor and with international students from different countries and cultures, not a "just a computer". We offer you the perfect fit because you will be placed in the class with classmates at the same level of proficiency, with a group teaching, on-demand sessions and a comprehensive portfolio of courses to choose from as we are using Zoni language Centers best curriculum and methodologies.

Teacher Benefits


Amongst the wide selection of English language learning programs and tools on offer these days, the quickest and most effective way still remains actively practicing English with the help of a professional and trained teacher by Zoni methodology. Teachers can customize lessons according to your group and personal needs and wishes and help you improve quicker than you ever thought possible.

Lesson Benefits


You can start with a placement test and continuously progress lesson by lesson. When you are advanced student not only can you choose the subject and intensity of number of lessons; you can also choose the time at which you would like to learn. Lessons can take as the follow:



We offer communication strategy lessons to improve your speaking and listening language skills besides the core curriculum live lessons. You will find our books available digital or physical through Amazon.com. Furthermore the courses can be combined with an assessment test to evaluate your level and an official Zoni Institute Diploma that verifies your level and knowledge.

How it works


Zoni Virtual Class is easy to use

Zoni Institute is one of the leading Global English School Online with Virtual  Live Classrooms . Choose from classes during the week or weekend regardless of location or schedule. Whether you need a minor language improvement or learning from basic to proficient we have the flexibility to offer you the best solution.



Contact with our Student Service Representative to guide you step by step all the way to start your classes. By calling +1800-755-9955 or email to info@zoni.edu

After you will find:

Book a lesson: You can go to Zoni.edu and follow this link:  https://www.zoni.edu/student-enrollment/payments/

Your level: An academic advisor will send you an online writing test and he (she) will follow with an interview to review your communication skills. Then you will receive your course placed.

Enter Classroom:  At the time and date of your lesson, login to Zoni Virtual platform. You can enter the classroom as soon as your teacher has opened it for you and your classmates. You will notice that your teacher is ready by seeing him (her) appearing in your screen.

Your Virtual classroom: The Zoni Virtual Classroom is the place where you, your classmates meet your teacher. You will learn by speaking, listening and writing with your classmates and teacher. This can be done through a whiteboard where you and your teacher will work together with the course material.

Results:  Depending on your needs, Zoni Institute will help you reach your goals. You will take lessons in real time, and will receive constant evaluation of your teacher. You can evaluate and track your progress with our assessment test and receive your official Zoni English Language Diploma certifying your level.

Zoni Institute Virtual Curriculum

Standard English Program

Our Standard English Programs offer practical lessons for those who don’t have much time to study English. Students learn speaking, listening, reading, and writing for real-life situations. Our instructors are experienced and friendly. Therefore, if you want to master the English language, our Standard English Program gives you the foundation for success.

Official Test Preparation Course

Zoni Institute in our Virtual campus now offers test preparation for non-native English speakers who wish to take the IELTS, Cambridge or TOEFL. These officials testing are the only English language proficiency exams in the world that both universities and businesses require.

Reasons students choose Zoni Language Centers to prepare for their TOEFL iBT, IELTS and Cambridge exams:

  • Exceptional preparation courses with experienced instructors
  • Flexible schedules
  • Zoni New York and Miami Beach campuses are both authorized testing centers for the TOEFL IBT and Cambridge ESOL examinations

ESL For Business

The Business English is an 18-week course for upper-intermediate and advanced students who want to dramatically improve their English language skills for the business setting. The virtual classwork will incorporate a variety of dynamic teaching styles – in addition to Integrated Skills study; students will carry out Case Studies, Role Plays, and Accent Training. Similarly, our ESL Business English course looks at international business practices and culture. Therefore, students gain a well-rounded understanding of both English and doing business internationally.

English for Specific Purposes (Advanced English)

English for Specific Purposes is an advanced English course. Depending on your objectives, this course can prepare you for graduate studies or career growth. Moreover, we design the class content to closely match your field of study or industry. Specifically, this course includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition, you study other sub-skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Prices for Zoni institute Virtual Program courses *


Zoni institute offer a very affordable prices for all type of budgets as Zoni has a reputation for the last 30 years.

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