eginner Courses
Beginner 1 — Survival English
Beginner 2 — 3-way Conversation
Beginner 3 — Paths to Everyday Conversation
High-intermediate Courses
High-intermediate 1 — Grammar & Conversation I
High-intermediate 2 — Grammar & Conversation II
High-intermediate 3 — Expressions for Real Life
Situations High-intermediate 4 — Dynamic Reading
High-intermediate 5 — Interactive Writing
Advanced Courses
Advanced Listening and Speaking I & II
Advanced Vocabulary/Idioms I & II
Advanced Reading and Writing I & II
Advanced Academic Courses
Academic English I & II
Oral Presentation Skills I & II
Interactive Vocabulary I & II
Academic Writing and Rhetoric I & II
Elective Courses
American Culture Through Film
Advanced Academic Grammar I & II
Advanced Academic Listening & Speaking I & II
English for Specific Purposes (developed upon
Conversation Practice Classes
Beginner, Intermediate, High-intermediate and

There is a wide variety of courses and resources to choose from, including

Lessons, explanations, tests, and quizzes on
different grammar topics.
Grammar Packs
eBooks with lessons and tests to improve
your English grammar.

English readings with comprehension
exercises, including the following:
• Active reading strategies
• Vocabulary building
• Grammar


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