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Housing & Homestay

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Find the Right Student Accomodation for you!

At Zoni we help you find a great place to live while you study.

Student accommodation - at Zoni you can choose from a range of options

Our Office of International Student Services helps you to find student accommodation during your course at Zoni. There are a variety accommodation types on offer.

Types of Student Accommodation:

Residence Halls

Zoni has partnerships with renowned residence halls. Residence halls give students greater independence and privacy. However, students still live as part of a community. They share many facilities with other residents while also having private space. Additionally, students have the freedom to come and go as they need. In some cases, students can also share a residence.

Furnished Rooms / Shared Apartment

In the USA many people rent out their spare bedrooms as a way to earn extra money. In other words, students are able to rent a furnished room in someone's home. However, meals and cleaning are usually not included. Home owners will provide students with some initial guidance. Although, they are not required to socialize after that. On the other hand, students are still expected to abide by Zoni's Student Accommodations Guidelines. Renting a furnished room is the perfect accommodation option for students wanting a safe and affordable option.

Student Dorms / Hostel (Miami Beach Only)

Dorms / hostels are the most convenient and affordable type of student accommodation in South Beach, Miami. Our preferred dorms / hostels are are walking distance from our Miami Beach campus. In addition, they are just a few steps from the beach. They also give students easy access to public transport. This makes visiting other parts of Miami very easy. In this type of student accommodation students share rooms. By sharing rooms, students experience typical student life, but at a much lower cost than other housing options.


Homestay is an excellent option for students who want to live like a local. In a homestay students are treated as part of the family. Moreover, it is an excellent way to practice English and create long-lasting friendships. In most instances, our students end up referring to their hosts as their “second family”!

*Not all options are available at all locations.

Please speak to your Student Service Representative for more information or email: jguerrero@zoni.edu

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