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Standard English Program

Learn English in New York, New Jersey and Florida

Standard English Program

Zoni’s Standard English Program offers classes at all English levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our unique teaching style makes sure you reach your goals.

Our Standard English Program begins with Survival English and progresses through to Advanced Academic Writing. In other words, our Standard English Program caters to everyone’s needs. In addition, we have multiple classes at each level. This means students study on their own schedule (based on availability).

Therefore, if you want to master the English language, our Standard English Program gives you the foundation for success.

Course Description

Introductory standard English course. Students learn the simple present tense, greetings, numbers, dates, time and other simple grammar. As a result, students are able to have a 2-way conversation.
Students’ improve their English fluency, writing, reading comprehension, and spelling. This standard English course also introduces 3-way conversations.
In this course students improve their writing and conversation skills. Students learn to use the future and progressive tenses, comparatives, superlatives, and some idiomatic expressions.
This standard English course focuses on accuracy and fluency. Students’ improve their listening and reading comprehension as more complicated material is introduced. In addition, students learn the perfect tenses.
This course is designed for intermediate students. It challenges students to use complex language and discuss topics such as culture and hobbies.
For intermediate level students ready for complex grammar. This course focuses on increasing vocabulary and introduces basic phrasal verbs and idioms. In addition, students practice reading, writing, and listening.
This course focuses on refining students’ conversation skills. Students are given real-life situations wherein they apply conversation strategies and idiomatic expressions. Students learn to express themselves using high-intermediate structures, new idioms and vocabulary.
The standard English course focuses on phrasal verbs and idioms. Furthermore, students study their usage through reading, writing, and speaking. In addition, students complete writing assignments as part of this course.
Suitable for high intermediate students. Students develop reading skills such as scanning for main ideas, skimming for details, summarizing, paraphrasing and making predictions. Furthermore, students improve their writing skills through journaling.
This high intermediate course develops students’ academic writing. For example, students learn paragraph construction, punctuation, capitalization, and composition writing.
This advanced course teaches students the basics of speech writing and delivery. This includes informative, persuasive, and impromptu speeches and debates. Additionally, writing, reading, listening and speaking are integrated into the course.

This course is focused on listening comprehension. It provides a variety of listening activities including dialogues, interviews and lectures. It emphasizes listening strategies such as summarizing, making inferences, listening for stressed words, reductions and intonations.
This course is an advanced grammar course. Students study the structural rules of English grammar and its usage.
In this course students study of American culture and how it differs from their own. It is designed to enhance communication skills through cultural awareness.
This course is for advanced level students. During the course, students improve their reading comprehension, speaking, grammar and writing skills. Students learn more sophisticated grammar structures and vocabulary.
This course prepares advanced level students for academic courses. The course includes rhetorical strategies and techniques. Students also review grammatical structures and the mechanics of writing.
This course further develops students’ listening comprehension skills. It provides stimulating and content-based lessons for developing comprehension, note taking and academic study skills.
Through this course students develop their critical thinking. Students read and discuss topics of international interest and form their own opinions. Naturally, all four skills--reading, writing, speaking and listening--are developed.
An advanced academic writing course where students practice writing tasks required in college and in business. Students develop their writing, reading and critical thinking. In addition, this course includes the vocabulary and grammar needed for academic and technical writing.