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Standard English Program

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Standard English Program

Course Description 2017

This is an introductory course using Zoni English System 1, which provides students with basic, integrated English skills. It is designed to give students the basics of the English language using the simple present tense including greetings, numbers, dates, time, adjectives, demonstratives and other simple grammatical structures that enable students to have a two-way conversation.
This course continues to increase students’ fluency in English, build up their writing skills and reading comprehension, as well as help them become adept at spelling. It introduces the three-way conversation and focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
This course advances students’ written and conversational skills to a higher level of proficiency. Students learn to use the future and progressive tenses, comparatives and superlatives in their conversations. Some idiomatic expressions are also introduce
This course focuses on increasing students’ accuracy and fluency. Students’ listening and reading comprehension skills are enhanced by the introduction of more complicated material. Conversations are expanded through the introduction of the perfect tenses
This course is designed for intermediate ESL students who have a good command of the basic tenses and structures of English, and can apply them in meaningful communication. It is an integrated skills course that challenges students to use and expand their ability to use more complex language and discuss high-interest topics such as culture, superstition, hobbies, and taboos. The course also introduces more sophisticated grammar structures and tenses. Students will see, hear and practice the language. Students will conduct interviews and engage in discussions on a wide variety of topics.
This course is designed for students who have intermediate communication skills and ready for more complex grammar points. The course focuses on increasing vocabulary and introducing basic phrasal verbs and idioms. It is designed to strengthen students’ skills in speaking using vocabulary words, phrasal verbs and idioms. It enhances their reading, writing, and listening skills through varied activities on different themes in each unit. The course helps improve students’ use of structure and encourages them to use the language correctly.
This course focuses on refining and improving students’ conversation skills with integration of new structures not covered in earlier courses. It provides students with real life situations categorized in themes wherein they are able to apply conversation strategies and idiomatic expressions confidently. In this course, students learn to understand and express using high-intermediate structures, new idioms and vocabulary, and conversation strategies to unlock difficulties in communicating effectively.
This course is designed for students who already have good communication skills. The course focuses on phrasal verbs and idioms and their usage through reading, writing, and speaking. Idioms are taught in the context of specific, up-to-date topics. It also focuses on speaking, and reading and writing, with writing assignments such as stories and dialogues.
This course is designed for students who have high intermediate communication skills. The course focuses on developing and improving reading skills such as scanning for main ideas, skimming for details, summarizing, paraphrasing and making predictions. It is rich with vocabulary and comprehension exercises. Topics for discussion include world topics such as diversity, family, alternative medicine, happiness and consumerism. The course helps improve student’s writing and speaking skills through writing their journals, personal anecdotes and discussing and relating the readings to their own backgrounds.
This high intermediate course is designed to develop students’ confidence in their ability to write academic writing and analytical writing using their experiences as base. The course focuses on developing a solid foundation in the students’ writing, which includes paragraph construction, using basic punctuation, capitalization, new language and content. It provides current readings for discussion and writing. It also teaches the students to write compositions: paragraphs and essays.
This advanced speech communication course is designed to develop students’ confidence in their ability to create a speech. The course focuses on rudiments of speech writing and delivery specifically in informative, persuasive, impromptu speeches and debates. It reinforces student’s fluency, critical thinking and vocabulary knowledge. Further the exercises are geared towards the acquisition of integrated skills such as writing, reading, listening and speaking.

This course is focused on listening for comprehension. It provides a variety of listening activities that includes dialogues, interviews and lectures. It emphasizes listening strategies such as summarizing main ideas, making inferences, listening for stressed words, reductions and intonations.
This course is an advanced grammar course that assists advanced level students in developing and mastering language skills using accurate grammar for speaking and writing. It gives students a better understanding of the structural rules of English grammar and its usage.
This course is a study of American cultural patterns and how they differ from or are similar to students’ own culture. It is designed to enhance communication skills through cultural awareness.
This course is designed for advanced level students who need to enhance their reading comprehension, oral, grammar and writing skills. It will help students express themselves using more sophisticated structures and vocabulary. It consists of extensive practice in reading and writing strategies through the study of literature in English.
This course is designed for advanced level students who need to enhance their writing skills and prepare them for academic and developmental writing courses. It consists of extensive practice in rhetorical strategies and techniques with review of appropriate grammatical structures and mechanics of writing.
This course further develops and improves students’ listening comprehension skills. It provides stimulating and content-based lessons for developing comprehension, note taking and academic study skills.
This course guides advanced level students to acquiring an integrated skills approach to develop their critical thinking. Students are exposed to readings and discussions of controversial issues of international interest, thus motivating them to form their views and opinions. All four skills--reading, writing, speaking and listening--are developed.
This course is an advanced academic writing course that entails extensive writing tasks required in college and job related activities. It is designed to guide students develop their writing, reading and critical thinking skills. It provides extensive vocabulary knowledge and accurate grammar usage for academic writing and technical writing.