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Zoni's Intensive English Programs

Looking for an Intensive English Program?

Zoni offers two intensive English courses: The Semi-Intensive English Program and The Premium Intensive English Program. The main difference between these programs is their intensity. If you want to improve your English quickly for further study or work, we recommend our Intensive English Program. On the other hand, if you want to learn English for travel or fun, the Semi-Intensive course is probably a better fit. If you are not sure which course is right for you, contact us - we are happy to help.

Course Description

Both of these programs integrate four key English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Additionally, you also study pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation. Furthermore, our Intensive English Program includes exciting extracurricular activities. For instance, students can take part interesting field trips and fun activities. Moreover, these activities give you the chance to practice English in the real world.

Below you can read more about these courses at different levels. Do not worry if you do not know your English level. On your first day at Zoni you will be given a short placement test. That way we can make sure we put you in the right course at the right level.

For many of our courses, you can choose class times to fit your schedule. In other words, if you are not a morning person, do not worry! We have classes starting later in the day.


This course gives students basic, integrated English skills. In addition, it encourages students to think in English, build up fluency and improve pronunciation. Students use the present simple tense. This includes greetings, numbers, dates, time, adjectives, demonstratives and more. By the end of the course, students can hold a two-way conversation.
This is an integrated skills course for beginners. In this course students improve their oral fluency and listening comprehension. In addition, they develop their writing skills, spelling and vocabulary. Thus improving their reading comprehension.
Students learn to express themselves in spoken and written English. This course focuses on real life situations and includes vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, students gain confidence in istening and speaking. Students also learn to write letters and short essays.


This course focuses on increasing students’ accuracy and fluency, listening and reading comprehension. In addition, conversations are expanded through the use of perfect tenses.
Suitable for intermediate level students with a good command of basic English tenses and structures. This course challenges students to use more complex language. With this in mind, students learn more sophisticated grammar and tenses. During the course, students conduct interviews and discuss a wide variety of topics.
Designed for students with intermediate level communication skills. This course focuses on increasing vocabulary, basic phrasal verbs and idioms. Furthermore, students improve their reading, writing, and listening skills through activities in each unit.
Students focus on refining their conversation skills. The course provides students with real-life situations wherein they apply strategies and idioms. In this course, students learn high-intermediate structures, new idioms, vocabulary, and conversation strategies.


Suitable for high intermediate students. This course reviews and expands upon major structures. Additionally, students learn more complex skills through integrated reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Students share their life experiences with classmates. Furthermore, students use newspapers, the Internet and audiovisual materials to help improve vocabulary and comprehension.
This course is designed for high intermediate level students. It reviews and expands upon major structures and introduces new skills through integrated activities. Students share their life experiences and learn about those of their classmates. Naturally, students continue to develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension.
Specifically created for high intermediate level students. This course focuses on phrasal verbs and idioms and how they are used in reading, writing, and speaking. In addition students are given writing assignments such as stories and dialogues.
Appropriate for students at high intermediate level. This course focuses on developing and improving reading skills. These include: scanning for main ideas, skimming for details, summarizing, paraphrasing and making predictions. Furthermore, topics such as diversity, family, alternative medicine, happiness and consumerism are discussed.
A high intermediate to advanced level course. This course develops students’ creative and academic writing. The course focuses on giving students a solid foundation in writing. Skills covered include paragraph and essay construction and the mechanics of writing. In addition, students also learn vocabulary that can be used in their compositions.


For students with advanced level English. This course uses an integrated approach to give students a clearer understanding of American values and attitudes. Through the use of listening and reading materials students learn to compare and contrast opposing opinions to develop their own points of view. Students explore the finer points of grammar and academic vocabulary.
This is a comprehensive speaking course that will also improve listening comprehension. Students learn to ask and respond to different types of questions. Moreover, students learn techniques to deal with difficult situations. Students also develop and practice the skills for making clear, concise presentations. Finally, students learn to overcome speaking anxiety.
A course is for advanced students wanting to enrich their knowledge and use of academic vocabulary. This is achieved through extensive reading, vocabulary exercises, pair work, discussions, presentations and writing.
This course is designed for advanced students who want to enhance their writing and grammar. This course consists of extensive practice in rhetorical strategies and techniques. In addition, students review appropriate grammatical structures and the mechanics of writing. The course also integrates speaking, listening, and reading, as well as Internet research and other activities.