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Housing & Homestay

Learn English in New York, New Jersey and Florida

The Office of International Student Services can assist students with their housing needs during their stay with Zoni. Depending on the location, students have a variety accommodations to choose from.

Residence Halls

For independent students who want to have more privacy, Zoni has partnered with well-known and experienced residences that give students a great sense of community while offering many on-site features and more freedom to go in and out on different schedules every day. Some residences might be shared with other Zoni students.

Furnished Rooms/Shared Apartment

Many residents rent out extra bedrooms in their homes in order to support their monthly expenses. Rooms are furnished. Meals and cleaning services are not included. Although home owners will provide the students with some initial guidance and orientation, they are not required to socialize after that. This is the perfect option for students who want to retain their independence and privacy in a safe, affordable location. Students must observe the Student Accommodations Guidelines for rules of conduct.

Student Dorms/Hostel (Miami Beach Only)

Dorms and hostels are the most convenient and affordable
type of accommodation in South Beach. It is very practical for
students because the options available are located within the
school area and just a few steps from the beach. Also, it is easily
accessible to public transportation for all other areas of Miami-
Dade and important landmarks. By sharing rooms, students will
experience typical student life, spend their free time with other
Zoni students and have a much lower cost compared to any
hotel or other housing options.


Homestay is an excellent option for students who want to experience the local way of living. Spend quality time with
your host family and be treated as part of the household. It is an excellent way to practice English and create long-lasting
friendships. In many instances, our students end up referring to their hosts as their “second family”!

*Not all options are available at all locations.
Please speak to your Student Service Representative for more information or by email to manager517@zoni.com.