Términos y condiciones generales

Payments must be made by bank wire transfer or credit card and must be received in full 15 days prior to the course start date. A deposit or initial fees must be paid immediately upon booking. A booking confirmation will only be sent when either initial fees or a deposit has been received. Bank details are provided on the invoice. Payment bank transfer fees must be absorbed by the sender (including any intermediary bank charges).
Zoni Language Center is not responsible for decisions made by any embassy or immigration authority regarding entry visas or visa extensions. Payment must be received in full prior to any visa documents being issued. • Visa advice can only be given by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. Students should contact these local authorities to ensure they are allowed to enter and study in their chosen location. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the most updated regulations/processes are being followed. Zoni cannot be held responsible for any visa regulation changes which occur after the booking has been confirmed in compliance with the existing regulations. A charge will be made each time documents have to be sent based on destination and courier service used. These charges are subject to change based on market rates. If a visa application is rejected, tuition fees will be refunded, less any bank charges or credit cards service percentage fees and any nonrefundable costs. Zoni reserves the right to offer alternative accommodations should we receive a positive visa application result in fewer than 7 working days prior to arrival. Should the arrival day be postponed due to delayed visa applications Zoni cannot guarantee reservation of the original accommodations. If any additional charges are incurred reserving the accommodation for the student, Zoni reserves the right to pass these charges on. US only: Zoni is authorized under federal law to enroll F-1 non-immigrant students. By law, to issue the 1-20 form, Zoni must receive with the enrollment form: the student's home address, a copy of the student's passport, proof of sufficient funds to meet tuition and living expenses through a current (60 days or less) bank statement or letter from either the sponsoring person's or institution's bank. Sponsors must also provide an affidavit of support.
All students attending a Zoni language Centers will be subject to the destination- specific applicable state or provincial Enrollment & Refund Agreement policies. All refunds are made to the original fee payer (according to destination). Students who require a visa-status/student permit/ temporary residence permit may not be able to shorten their course due to the terms of their visa- status or residence permit. In the event that a refund is due, prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis. When determining the number of weeks, Zoni will consider a partial week of attendance as the same as a whole week, even though the student was present only one day during the scheduled week.
Please contact your international coordinator for more information.
Zoni Language Centers Accommodation: Students cancelling or postponing fewer than 15 days before arrival will be charged a cancellation fee in addition to accommodation placement fee. Third Party Accommodations: Non-Zoni accommodations (i.e. accommodations contracted by Zoni through external suppliers) have different cancellation terms. For hotels and self-catering apartments booked through Zoni but not featured in the Zoni Price List, reservations must be canceled or postponed 30 days prior to arrival to avoid a cancellation fee which may correspond to the full stay charge. For this reason we remind you that in cases of hotel or self-catering apartment bookings, payment in full is expected one month prior to arrival. Zoni will inform you of the terms when confirming the booking.
Students leaving their accommodation must give notice in writing 4 weeks prior to termination. After deducting the price of accommodations used, including the required notice period, charged at standard accommodation rates, students will be refunded the remaining balance. If the 4 week notice period is not provided a cancellation fee equal to 4 weeks of the accommodation cost will apply. Please note: Certain accommodation options may be subject to special cancellation charges. Should these differ from the terms above, students will be notified at the time of cancellation.
• Students canceling 15 days or more prior to the accommodation start date or students who have had their visa application rejected will be refunded fees received in full; less non-refundable charges such as registration fees, accommodation placement fee, courier fees. The value of these fees vary according to region, the costs are listed for each school in the price list. • Refunds will be made within 45 calendar days.
• For classes of 4 weeks or fewer, tuition fees are not refundable. • Students who cancel their course within the first 4 weeks after starting classes, will be refunded all tuition except the first 4 weeks (at the non- discounted rate in Zoni Price List).
Students who enter the US on an 1-20 obtained through Zoni who either cancel their course prior to the course start date or never attend their course will be charged the following fees: • For programs of 12 weeks or less; all tuition charges for up to 4 weeks, any accommodation charges incurred and any non-refundable charges (registration fee, and mailing fee according to the Country). • For programs of 12 weeks or more; all the tuition charges for up to six weeks of the first term/session, any actual accommodation costs incurred by the institution, any non-refundable charges (registration fee, accommodation placement fee and mailing fee). • Students wishing to transfer to another Non-Zoni F-1 institution prior to program start, but after entry to the US must report to their school in person with the appropriate documents in order to be transferred in active status. Please refer to Zoni refund policy for more information.
• For students canceling before arrival, refunds will be made within 45 calendar days of the first scheduled day of class or the documented date of cancellation, whichever is earlier. • For students canceling after arrival, the refund due will be paid within 45 calendar days from notification of the cancellation. • Any refunds due will be paid to the person or organization that originally paid the fees.
Zoni reserves the right to charge an administration fee each time a course, accommodation or center is changed or postponed after Zoni has confirmed the initial enrollment. This also includes requests for changes while the student is at school. (Not applicable in the US).
Session breaks are dependent upon destination, course duration and visa requirements and are subject to Zoni's session break policy, available upon request.
All Zoni centers will be closed on selected Public Holidays. Centers do not make up for lessons missed on these dates. Exceptions are made for One-to- One lessons, which will be made up. Published course start dates fall on a Monday. If this day is a public holiday, the course will begin on the following working day.