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7 Fun things to do in Manhattan After Class!

There are so many things to do in Manhattan! Here are our 7 top free-time activities according to our students, teachers and staff.

  1. Central Park
    Whether enjoying fresh food from locally sourced farms, camping out for Shakespeare in the park, cooling off with the penguins at the zoo, or seeing your favorite band, there is no doubt Central Park can be the heart and center of your summer. Many New Yorkers like to relax and have picnics on the grass looking at the amazing post war architecture in the nearby neighborhoods, or cruise around on a bike taking in the people and scenery. For the real New York experience end your day at the park with a hot dog or ice cream.

  2. Eating
    New York City is the food capital of the world and with over a third of its population being foreign born, finding something new and exciting to eat is never a challenge.
  3. Nightlife
    Enjoy dozens of rooftop bars with amazing 360 views of the city. Enjoy craft beer in Brooklyn at local breweries. See an art exhibition or fashion show in the Village, Soho, or Lower East Side.

  4. Sports
    Experience America’s pastime – Baseball! See some of the most historic baseball teams play at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field.  In the summer time one can also enjoy professional tennis tournaments, and professional soccer.
  5. Travel
    Take a weekend trip out of the city to Long Island and relax on the beach. See the famous Hamptons or go whale watching.

  6. Broadway
    New York is also the entertainment capital of the world and displays a variety of shows not only in summer, but year round.

  7. Enjoy the sites
    Walk the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset and see the amazing view or stroll the promenade in the famous scenic Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.
New York City  - there are thousands of things to do in Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge - Walking across is one of the most popular things to do in Manhattan