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Zoni's English school in Elizabeth NJ is one of the city's best places to study. Zoni Elizabeth offers an extremely modern facility with only the best amenities. With a large amount of courses catering to all English levels, Zoni Elizabeth is the perfect place for you. For students planning on entering college or university, we offer exit exams upon completion of each phase of the curriculum. Zoni Elizabeth is also a great place to study business English; whatever your reason, we welcome you!

Students at Zoni Elizabeth can also participate in various extracurricular activities such as outdoor/indoor sports, a Halloween Costume Competition and day trips to New York City, Trenton and Philadelphia.

Zoni Elizabeth is just minutes away from Newark Liberty International Airport making it a very convenient place to reach. Elizabeth is one of the fastest growing cities in New Jersey. Much of this is due to its prime location which is only a short train ride from Manhattan and even shorter to Newark Penn Station (one of the oldest and most important transportation centers in the Northeast region).