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WANTED: international education agents to represent Zoni’s programs

Zoni founder Zolio C Nieto with one of Zoni's Education agents
Zoni Language Centers is looking for education agents
Two agents meeting with Zoni Language Centers at an event

In this section, we give you information on how education agents can apply to represent Zoni. As a matter of fact, Zoni Language Centers has campuses in the US, Canada and the UK. By joining our network, agents can offer our prestigious programs and 11 exciting locations to their students.

Zoni was established in 1991. Since then, we work with agents from around the world to help students reach their English goals. Accordingly, we are looking for new partners in a range of countries. We partner only with the best agents.

How do Education Agents Apply to Represent Zoni?

The first step is to fill out an agent application form. You can request a form by clicking the button below. We review applications and supporting documents as soon as we receive them. If we are confident that you are a good match for our programs, you are notified and provided with marketing materials. We also assign you a contact person at Zoni. You can contact this person any time with questions, material requests, and of course, applications.

If you want to represent the one of the best international English schools, then you want to represent Zoni! Why not give your students the opportunity to learn English in a unique, fun and diverse environment. Become a Zoni agent today!

Zoni Agent Benefits:

  • Special compensation structure
  • High quality education at affordable prices - meaning you have a great product to offer your students
  • Multiple campuses - send students to our schools in New York, New Jersey, Miami Beach, London or Vancouver
  • Large variety of English courses, programs, and accommodation to suit all your students' needs
  • Receive marketing kits including brochures and digital files

Standards of Behavior

Zoni Agents must maintain the highest ethical standards at all times. Hence, if an agent acts unethically or behaves in a way Zoni finds inappropriate, the authority to represent Zoni will be revoked. In short, Zoni terminates partnerships with any unethical agents. Thereupon, agents receive notice of this in writing.