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The Zoni Experience – Our school during Covid-19

A Zoni staff member checks the temperature of a student at the Miami Beach campus

When you study with Zoni you are not just getting English lessons – even in a pandemic we are focused on giving students an insight into culture, exposing them to different perspectives and most of all, giving them a sense of community.

At Zoni, we have a student-centered approach to teaching. Since 1991, Hundreds of thousands of students have studied English at our school. Our goal is to help you master writing, reading, speaking and listening. To achieve this our curriculum combines a range of learning techniques not only keeping things interesting but also to make sure that different learning styles are catered for. We want our classes to be for everyone!

Student welfare is extremely important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and supported at all times – even in a pandemic. With this in mind, many of our staff speak more than one language. This means we are always able to help regardless of your English level.

Our students have always come from many different nationalities, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Since launching the Zoni Institute – our virtual school, our diversity has increased even more! This diversity allows our students to not only learn English, but also about the world around them.

Student Support During Lockdown

As we said above, our students are the most important thing. Without them there is no Zoni Language Centers. We are committed to providing the best student services we can. What makes us different, is that our student services also include our students’ families and our graduates.

When the pandemic hit and our campuses had to close, it was important to us that we did what we could to keep our students safe. This included transferring everyone to our virtual school, providing scholarships and setting up a food program.

The food program gave a week’s supply of food to any member of the Zoni community – students, their families or graduates. In the end we provided 1235 food packages across our campuses.

In fact, we were humbled to receive Highly Commended at the 2020 PIEoneer Awards for excellence in Student Support Services for our actions both during the pandemic and in general.

Learning on campus after the reopening

Earlier in the year, schools in the many parts of the United States were closed to help stop the spread of Covid-19. In August, schools were allowed to reopen as long as they enforced strict hygiene and safety measures. We were very happy to welcome students back to our campuses! We asked one of our students, Laura to tell you a little bit about her experience on campus after the reopening:

“My name is Laura, and I am from Colombia. I have been studying at Zoni for almost five months. What I love the most about studying at Zoni is that we learn Academic English which is important if you want to apply for college.  My teachers are amazing. They make you feel comfortable when you speak, they encourage you to participate in the activities and they help you correct your pronunciation and manage your accent. Studying during the times of Covid-19 has been very safe. The school takes all the measures they can to keep us safe. As soon as we walk through the door, they take our temperature. The classrooms are disinfected all the time and we must always maintain social distancing between teachers and students. The virus hasn't made it difficult at all for us to learn and improve our English skills”.

Zoni student Laura Coy studying on campus during Covid-19
A student's hands on a keyboard while they study English virtually at Zoni Institute

Virtual study during Covid-19

Because we had started and tested our virtual school, the Zoni Institute, before the pandemic we had the advantage that many of our teachers were already trained and experienced teaching virtually. Teaching virtually requires extra skills and empathy. Our teachers make sure their virtual students are learning English and feel like part of the Zoni family.

Aside from not being physically in the classroom, your experience as a virtual student is exactly the same as all other Zoni students! Our virtual student, Hiromu wanted to share a little about his experiences: “Hello. I am Hiromu from Japan. I have studied at Zoni for one year. I like studying at Zoni because the teachers are so friendly and nice. My English is improving with every class! Because of Covid-19, I am taking my classes online at the moment. I study every weekend. I really like online classes because it lets me concentrate”.

Regardless of whether you are studying on campus or via our virtual platform, you can expect the same quality of lessons and care. We want you to learn English, become confident to use your language skills, make friends, learn about the world, and feel supported by your classmates, teachers and our staff. Join us and start your Zoni experience today!

More information about our courses can be found on this link: https://www.zoni.edu/english-programs/

If you have any questions about in-person or virtual classes, contact cpoon@zoni.edu

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.