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Why Zoni’s Virtual Presence Program is the perfect way to start learning English abroad

A female student studying Zoni's virtual English program

In 2019 Zoni began offering a Virtual Presence Program (VPP). A VPP is an virtual English program offered via the internet. The difference between an online class and a virtual class is that virtual class gives you a real, live and interactive classroom experience. An online course might give you access to resources and program, but there is no teacher guiding you or classmates to make friends with – online classes can be really lonely!

Since starting the VPP thousands of students around the world have enrolled, including being selected by the Colombian military as their English provider. We know our system works. Our students get amazing results and because they become part of the Zoni community, it is easy to stay motivated!

In this blog post we will answer some the most common questions about Zoni’s Virtual Presence Program, and then in the very next blog post, we will give you tips and tricks for making the most out of your virtual learning experience!

How much English do I need to know before I start?

We have virtual classes for all levels – from beginner through to advanced and everything in between. When you enroll in our Virtual Presence Program you will be asked to complete a short English test. This is not to tell us if you are good or bad at English, rather to make sure we put you in the right class with the best teacher to suit your individual needs. So, it really doesn’t matter how much English you know before you get started, we will make sure you improve your English by studying with us.

How much will I improve?

This is a very good question and much of the answer depends on the commitment you make to your studies. BUT because you are part of a class, with a real teacher and classmates, we have found that attendance and motivation levels amongst our students to be very high! In fact, students in our VPP have achieved higher active participation in the course and 100% English level-skills improvement when compared to other online platforms!

Will I have a real, qualified teacher?

YES! All Zoni teachers are college graduates with a teaching qualification. And above all this, they are all highly experienced and respected English teachers. In addition to this, all the Zoni VPP teachers have received special training on how to teach a virtual English program. This means that they are familiar and comfortable with the technology and know how to involve students joining classes online in the lesson. When you study Zoni’s VPP you never feel forgotten by the teacher – virtual students are a very important part of what makes our classes special and fun!

What will my lessons be like?

Actually, Zoni’s VPP lessons are exactly the same as in-person classes! Zoni has developed their very own English teaching system that has been successfully used to teach students since 1991! As a virtual student you will receive that same high-quality, tested and proven English curriculum. You will learn grammar, reading, writing and speaking, not to mention interesting cultural things too. You will have a number of virtual (and when the situation permits, in-person) classmates and together you will take part in interactive lessons, where you can ask questions, speak to your teacher and debate with your classmates. In other words, your virtual lesson will be just like being in an actual Zoni classroom across the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area and Miami Florida!

Will I have classmates and where are they from?

You can expect to have up to 20 classmates from all over the world! It’s impossible to say exactly where your classmates will be from, but it’s likely that you will have some from Latin America, Europe, Asia and maybe even one of two from Africa! All Zoni’s classes are an interesting mix of nationalities and cultures meaning that you not only learn English, but you learn about other countries and places from the people in your class!

How do I practice my English after class?

There are lots of fun ways to practice your English after class. Most of our virtual students make friends with their classmates and exchange phone numbers and become friends on social media. Many student’s find using Whatsapp with classmates in English great practice – you can write, read and even practice speaking to each other! Social media is also a good place to practice – you can comment and send messages in English. All of these small things actually help you to learn and gain confidence using English. Read our next blog post, on how to make the most of your time as a virtual student for more ideas and activities for practicing English.

Can I become an in-person student?
Virtual students are welcome to transfer to any of Zoni’s campuses! Of course, there are a few extra costs involved in doing this, but Zoni’s staff are there to help you work out which campus, course and immigration status best fit your goals.

In-person students also waiting on visas or needing to delay their travel may also start their study virtually! Don’t miss out on learning English because of a delay beyond your control – contact us and we will get you started virtually!

If you have any questions about our Virtual Presence Program contact Zoni. We are here to help and will do everything we can to make your English learning journey successful AND fun.

Male student participating in a virtual English program from home