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Did you know that Zoni also offers English teacher training courses? In fact, you can study TESL and TEFL! In this blog post we will look at the teaching qualifications offered by Zoni, what is covered in the course and how it is structured, the sorts of jobs you could get after finishing the course and passing the exam and of course, how to enrol!

These days a TESL/TEFL Certificate is required by most schools to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). That’s right, even if you have graduated university, schools want to be sure their language teachers know exactly how to teach English to international students. Zoni’s program is designed for self – motivated people wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching ESL. It focuses on the multi- faceted nature of teaching the English language to second language learners and even covers current teaching techniques for online and virtual instruction.

What do TESL and TEFL stand for?

TEFL and TESL are terms that are used all the time to describe teaching English, so it can be really confusing knowing what the differences are!

TESL stands for: Teaching English as a Second Language. This refers to programs in English speaking countries for students whose first language is not English.

TEFL stands for: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This refers to programs taught in countries where English is not the primary language.

For example, if you wanted to become a Zoni teacher, you would study for the TESL Certification. Because Zoni is based in English-speaking countries. If you wanted to be an English teacher in Korea, for example, you would study for the TEFL Certification because English is not the primary language of South Korea.

However, at Zoni you don’t have to choose! Our course covers both TESL and TEFL! This means that at the end of the course you will be able to teach English in any country at all!

What type of education do I need to become an English teacher?

To take either the TESL or TEFL certification course you must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts degree and an advanced level of English. Candidates should also be motivated selflearners and passionate about teaching English. If you are unsure whether you meet these criteria, please contact the TESL coordinator, Joseph at jguerrero@zoni.edu or (917) 561-0109.

Adult students studying for thier TESL certification

How is the course structured?

The Zoni TESL/TEFL certification course is a hybrid teacher training program that blends traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities. It provides participants with a firm knowledge of teaching methodologies, strategies, approaches and techniques on how to teach integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as teaching Beginner to Advanced levels.

A Zoni student participates in a virtual lesson

Zoni has recently added a virtual teaching component to the program. As a result of the Covid- 19 pandemic, virtual classes have become widespread and as a result, virtual teaching has become a very important skill to have. Even after the pandemic is over, many schools will continue with their virtual programs. For example Zoni’s Virtual Presence Program which was launched long before Covid-19, will continue to be an important way to learn English at Zoni.

Both the TESL and TEFL Certification programs are 120 hours long. These hours consist of forty hours (40) of classroom teaching and learning, thirty hours (30) of personal research, online activities and homework, and fifty hours (50) of classroom observation and practice

Zoni’s program covers a comprehensive range of topics and skills including lesson planning, classroom management and an extensive practical component meaning that by the time you graduate, you have the experience needed to start your career in ESL education.

What Career opportunities will I have once I am certified?

A TESL or TEFL certificate can lead to some really exciting and rewarding jobs! Some of the most common careers include:

  • ESL teacher – both in front of a live class or online. You will have the expertise for both!-
  • Corporate Trainer - Companies for a range of industries, especially multinational firms hire inhouse trainers to help them train international staff.
  • Foundational skills for a teaching career in other subjects – during the course you will learn a number of principals and skills that also apply to teaching in general. Your TEFL/TESL certification could be a stepping stone to a career in a different area or subject.

Where and when can I start?

Our teacher training courses are available virtually or at our Newark campus (16 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105). Classes are held on Saturday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM – this also applies to virtual students! The course costs $899 and can be paid in 3 installments (First week: $330 Third week: $330 Sixth week: $330). There is also a fee of $100 which covers all materials needed for the course.

Laura Tobon - a graduate of the TESL program at Zoni Language Centers

Meet one of our graduates

Laura Tobon studied TESL at Zoni. Since then she has been working at an English language school and is looking forward to the opportunities that await her, once she returns home. This is what she had to say about Zoni's TESL program:

"I had such a great time during my TESL classes! I wasn’t expecting to find this big ESL teacher community, but I did! The more I researched the more I became convinced that teaching English will be not only fun, but challenging and rewarding for me. When I was doing my co- teaching I felt that I was 'changing people’s lives'. You can see in the faces of the students that they are absorbing knowledge from you, that you can be the channel to make a big change in their lives. After my TESL program I’ve been teaching family and friends online to help them to improve their speaking skills. I’d also like to teach in a classroom when I go back to my country."

Turn your passion for teaching ESL into an exciting career with a TESL/TEFL certificate!

The next ZONI TESL/TEFL course will start on July 25th. Spaces fill fast, so contact us at jguerrero@zoni.edu or (917) 561-0109 to reserve your place now.