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Zoni reopens campuses for in-person classes!

Zoni campuses reopen with special measures to protect students against Covd-19

We are happy to announce that on August 24, 2020 all Zoni campuses reopened for inperson classes. At the same time, our virtual program is still available for students enrolled in a VPP only course and for other students in special circumastances.

Read the letter from Zoni President, Zolio C. Nieto about our reopening.

To keep our students, teachers and staff safe, we have implemented a number of health and hygiene practices. All of these measures comply with what is recommended by the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and we ask that everyone does their best to follow the rules.

This blog will look at the ways we are keeping our community safe, will talk about when you shouldn’t come to school, ways you can practice your English outside of campus, and how you can still use our virtual platform to take classes. Your health and safety are our priority.

Keeping our students safe

There are many different ways we are working to keep our students and campuses safe. One of the things we are obliged to do is monitor your health. As you come into campus you can expect to have your temperature taken. We want you to feel comfortable, and so you may
bring your own thermometer with you for this check. We use a hand-held 'Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer' to ensure as little contact as possible when taking your temperature. If your temperature is high at this check, we will kindly ask you to return home.

We now have hand sanitizing stations at all of our campuses so that students and teachers can sanitize their hands when they arrive at school, as well as between classes and at any other time they feel they need to. We also recommend that you have your own hand sanitizer and/or wipes. Many of you will ride the subway or catch a bus to get to class. By having hand sanitizer or wipes with you, you can clean your hands after using public transport.

Everyone on campus must wear a mask and/or visor at all times. This is extremely important and has been shown to reduce the risk of catching and passing Covid-19 dramatically when everyone is masked. We understand that it can be pretty annoying to wear a mask for long periods of time, so we do our best to make sure our classrooms are well ventilated, and temperature controlled to make wearing a mask more comfortable. On top of that, we will provide you with additional “mask breaks” where you may go outside and remove your mask for a few minutes, if you wish.

A student is temperature tested at Zoni Miami Beach

We are also making sure that communal surfaces, like your desks, tables, door handles and so on, are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Basically, anything that a lot of people touch is sanitized.

Campus life – special rules and restrictions

Many of the rules we have set are the same rules that apply to life outside of campus too. Things like keep 6 feet apart. Around campus, especially in areas where you might have to wait, we have placed stickers on the floor to help you work out how far 6 feet is.

In class we have also taken steps to make sure you are properly distanced. You might be surprised to find that you can no longer sit right next to your classmates. This is not because we don’t want you to make friends, rather because we want to keep you safe. Desks are now
6ft apart, making sure classes maintain safe social distancing.

In addition to hand sanitizing, students are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly. We have signs up around our campuses showing the most effective ways to wash and dry your hands.

If you are unwell, stay at homeAlthough we’ve missed you all and would love to welcome you back to campus, there are a few circumstances in which we would rather you stayed home. If you are feeling unwell, particularly if you have a fever or are coughing do not come to school.
Even if you feel fine, if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 (even if you think it’s just a regular cold) please stay at home. Luckily, even if you do have to stay home, you can attend class via our virtual platform – of course if you feel well enough to do so.

Virtual Presence - what is still possible

For our students who transferred to virtual study during the height of the pandemic, continuing to study 100% online is not permitted by law. You will need to come back to school for at least some of your regular classes. Some virtual study may be possible depending on
your visa status. You will be informed of your options once you are back on campus.

However, in accordance with the March 2020 guidance, non-immigrant students in new or initial status after 3/9/2020 are required to
attend in-person classes.

We are very lucky and very grateful to be able to return to campus. We take keeping you safe very seriously and have introduced measures to protect you as much as we can. We ask that you also do your part and obey the rules and guidelines we have put in place. When we
protect ourselves, we protect each other.

If you have any questions about returning to campus, our Covid-19 prevention measures or any other aspect of Zoni life, contact us at info@zoni.edu

Some of the measures Zoni is taking against Covid-19: floor stickers to show distance and hand sanitizing stations