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Become a Study Abroad Agent for One of the Well Known English Language Schools

Zoni Language Centers is looking for qualified and established International Language Agents to represent Zoni’s programs.

We work with agents from around the world to help international students study at Zoni. Join our network of quality agents and offer educational programs from prestigious Zoni Language Centers. By becoming a Zoni agent, you can grow in your own field while helping students in your country to learn English in a unique, exciting and diverse environment.

Let our 20 years of experience work for you. Be a part of a successful and growing organization and experience the difference! How would you profit from being a Zoni agent?

· Zoni offers a special compensation structure to its approved agents.
· Zoni offers high quality education at affordable prices.
· Our agents can offer New York, Miami Beach, London and Vancouver locations to their students.
· We have a large variety of English courses, programs, and accommodations to suit all needs of students.
· We provide our agents with marketing materials including brochures, and digital files.
For more information on how to become a Zoni agent or to request an application to become a Zoni Agent, please contact our International Department at: manager517@zoni.com

HOW TO BECOME AN AGENT Become one of the selected Zoni’s representatives around the world

The Agent is expected to abide by the highest ethical standards. In a situation where an Agent acts unethically the authority to represent Zoni will be revoked in writing. Please ask for the complete document at manager517@zoni.com
The Agent Rider document includes: • General Terms and Conditions • Expectations and responsibilities of the Agent • Expectations and responsibilities of Zoni Language Centers • Standards of behavior expected from the Agent • Additional Support Services expected from the Agent • Terms of Payments.
1. Zoni is required to be registered as a business and have experience in education and ESL consultancy. The Agent is required to provide proof of business registration and incorporation through government issued documentation such as but not limited to, Business Registration Certificate, Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificates, and Operating Licenses. 2. The Agent shall provide accurate information on Zoni’s courses which includes: course details, dates, options, outcomes and policies. 3. The Agent is required to maintain accurate and up-to-date promotional material on Zoni’s courses. 4. The Agent shall not make any false claims, or misrepresentations of Zoni’s courses or programs, policies and procedure. 5. All and any advertisement and/or promotional material, in any form or way, prepared or produced by the Agent shall represent Zoni truthfully and accurately. 6. The Agent understands that all trademarks, logos, images, digital artwork, etc, furnished by Zoni to the Agent, remain the sole property of Zoni. 7. The Agent is required to provide accurate information on entry/admission requirements as well as information on the school’s refund/cancellations policies. 8. The Agent must provide advice on visa and health care registration processes and policies drawing particular attention to visa conditions. 9. The Agent is required to provide a pre-departure checklist and orientation for students.

Agent Application Form

Terms & Conditions
By clicking submit I confirm that I have all the necessary registrations, accreditation and permissions to act as an education agent in all the territories which I have nominate, and understand that I must notify Zoni if any changes occur in the registration status of my agency. I undertake that the information provided in this application is a true and accurate record as to the operation of the educational agency I represent.