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University and College Placement

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"Helping our Students to Higher Education"

Academic Pathways at Zoni

University and College  Placement Services

Zoni Language Centers' Academic Pathways or University Placement facilitates students to enter English language-based higher education. We help students to apply for admissions to their choice of schools.

Why ZONI College and University Placement Office?

We realized that a large number of our students are interested in higher education and pursuing certificate, diploma or degree programs at American colleges or universities.

We found that for many international students, getting information and applying to colleges / universities online is very challenging.

We decided to start providing assistance to those students, helping them to choose the right school for them, preparing and submitting the application and collecting documents required by the schools.

What is ZONI College and University Placement Office?

ZONI College and University Placement Office provides assistance to students interested in studying at a US college or university. Our College and University Placement Office offers help and support throughout this process by:

  • Choosing the school (according to the student’s profile-based on education, experience and financial capacity)
  • Preparing and submitting the application, (ensure that the students understand the information that they need to provide. Zoni only assists students but is not involved in their submission of application)
  • Assist in collecting the documents required by the school

How we work at ZONI College and University Placement Office

Our college and university placement services are FREE of charge for our students. Zoni Language Centers facilitates the students to apply to their college / university of choice across the United States to allow students to select a school that best fits their educational goals, academic background and budget.

What we do at ZONI College and University Placement Office

Our College and University Placement Advisor offer a personalized counseling and are ready to guide the students step-by-step throughout the entire process.

This short interview allows our Advisor/s to understand what major and school will best fit student’s goals, academic background within their budget.

In summary, we help you understand and follow all higher education admission requirements, application procedures and university/college expectations. Additionally, we provide information on available scholarships and grants if any. Ultimately, Zoni Academic Pathways services help you achieve your dream to study at an American university or college.

Disclaimer:This service is not offered at any of our New Jersey campuses.