Zoni Language Centers


Dear Prospective Student:

Thanks for your interest in the ESL Program at Zoni language Centers. We hope you'll take advantage of our many courses for improving your English, in order to enrich your communication skills and help you reach your personal, academic, and professional goals.

We have courses beginning every week as we are an open enrollment school. You can take one course or a variety of courses, to suit your needs and timetable. We often add new courses and sections, depending on interest, so check back often.

In case you are already in United States, just contact us, and we'll arrange a meeting to introduce you to the program and Zoni, answer your questions, evaluate your English needs, and register you for classes.

When you are coming from abroad, upon arriving in the U.S., you may feel overwhelmed with culture shock from moving from one country to another. Zoni provides orientation activities for new students on their first week of attendance. You will be scheduled to attend:

  • Academic Orientation
  • F1 student orientation
  • Student services orientation

Among the topics discussed are school hours, curriculum, exams and grades, attendance, books, classroom policy, emergency school closing helpline, community resources, guidance in emergency situations, local law basics, city essential services and life in New York/Miami Florida and the USA as a whole.

During the F1 student orientation you will be informed about school policies and procedures and general F-1 student program policies, specific questions will also be addressed.

In the Academic Orientation you will be informed about how students progress from level to level and depending on your placement test, we will discuss the curriculum with you.

Our multi-lingual admissions staff is always available to support students with issues arising from their limitations with the English Language.

We look forward to hearing from you, to meeting you when you arrive, and to answering any further questions you may have.

Welcome, and best wishes for success!

Some details for consideration

Greetings Zoni Students! As it is almost time for your courses, this is just to remind you of a few points about Zoni campus life, resources, and procedures.

Student ID card

Once you have been enrolled in a course, you may obtain your student I.D. card. You can apply with one of the staff members of you school. The staff member will take you a photograph and you will be able to pick up your card after the verification process.


As soon as you have been admitted to Zoni, a payments account will be opened for you. You are responsible for paying for the courses in which you enrolled at the beginning of the session.

Note: Once you have been enrolled, if you stop attending a course, this does not release you from your schools’ obligations and responsibilities, you have to inform the school and review our refund & cancellation policy.

Zoni Attendance Policy

Coming to class is very important! Please be aware of the Zoni Attendance Policy. Students must attend classes and be on time.


As soon as you are registered for coursework, you will be issued with a Zoni email account which enables you to access the school-wide computer system. Privileges include receiving up-to date information from all the Zoni’s offices. There are also regulations which you must follow. If you have any questions about your account access, username, password, or e-mail, you may contact the Tech Support Office.


For information on housing, please contact our Student Service Representatives.

Parking & Transportation

Please contact one of the staff members for all the details.

535 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018