Let's celebrate International Internet Day


Let’s Celebrate International Internet Day!

The internet plays a huge role in our daily lives. Whether we are at home, school or at work, the internet is always needed in some way! In fact, the internet has become so important that it even has its own day! October 29th is International Internet Day. On this day we celebrate the role of the internet in our society.

This blog will tell you about the history of the internet and why it is important. It will also look at the ways the internet helped us survive the pandemic and finally, how Zoni uses the internet to deliver online courses via Zoni Live.

The history of the Internet

The internet is arguably the most important invention in human history. It has actually been around for a lot longer than you might think! The internet was a long time in the making with famous scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Paul Otlet and Vannevar Bush all playing apart in its conceptualization. However, it was not until 1969 that computers were connected to the internet and a piece of information was shared.

A computer at UCLA was used to send the word “LOGIN” to a computer at Stanford University around 300 miles away. Unfortunately, this “broke the internet” and Stanford only received “LO”. Regardless, the technology was considered a success and paved the way for the internet we know and love today.

It took a very long time for the internet to become a tool for the everyday person. The internet only became a public service in 1991, with the launch of the World Wide Web. Today around 60% of the world’s population use the internet, with about 4 billion people accessing it via their phones and other mobile devices. Most people in the developed world could not imagine life without the internet, and younger generations have never known a world without it!

Why the Internet is important

Most of us use the internet in one way or another every single day. On average, users spend almost 7 hours on the internet every single day! You might think “That is impossible, I don’t sit at my computer all day” but when you think about all the different ways the internet is used, it quickly adds up! For example, if you watch Netflix, Prime or even cable tv – these services are provided via the internet. If you pay for things with your bankcard – you are using the internet! If you listen to Spotify or Apple Music – Internet! The internet is everywhere!

The internet makes our lives easier! Of course, we could survive without it – there are tribes deep in the Amazon that live happily without even knowing what it is. However, once you have used the internet and become accustomed to the ways it improves and helps your life, living without it feels disastrous!

How the internet helped us survive the pandemic

During the pandemic we all relied on the internet to help us continue with our ‘normal’ lives. When shops were closed, we shopped online. When we couldn’t see our friends or families Zooms, Skypes and other similar programs helped us stay in touch and to feel less alone. Activities that we would usually do in person also went online. Museums created virtual tours and concerts were live streamed via the internet. When schools closed, students were asked to study online – even Elementary school kids! The internet made sure that life could go on!

When we had to close our Zoni campuses we relied on our online school to make sure our students could continue to learn English with little disruption. Within 2 weeks we transferred thousands of our in-person students online so that they could continue learning and having contact with their teachers and friends. The internet helped us get through some very challenging times!

Zoni’s online courses and programs

Zoni was fortunate enough to have a virtual school, Zoni Live, long before the Covid 19 pandemic. In fact, Zoni has been teaching students online since late 2017. Our virtual school was set up to help students anywhere in the world access the same high-quality language programs that we offer on campus in the United States. Students who study at our virtual school become a part of a real class taught in the New York Metropolitan area! Even though you join classes via the internet you have a real-life teacher and classmates both in class in and virtually from literally any country in the world!

In a virtual classroom everything is live! This means you need to pay attention and complete the exercises just like you would if you were sitting in New York! Students who join these classes love having classmates and being able to make friends with people from so many different places!

Zoni offers most of their regular courses online including English at all levels, exam preparation, special classes for children and teacher training. More information about these classes can be found at www.zonilive.com

We celebrate International Internet Day as a way to reflect and think about all the ways the internet impacts our lives. The internet provides us with so many conveniences and helps us to lead efficient and informed lives. Why not take a minute on International Internet Day to think about how you use the internet and be grateful that such technology exists?

If you have any questions about Zoni’s virtual school or need help enrolling into one of our programs, send an email to: cpoon@zoni.edu

We look forward to welcoming you to Zoni, in-person or virtually!

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