Academic Tours

Educational Travel is a carefully planned combination of tours, site visits and hands-on learning opportunities, built around clear learning objectives. An educational tour is more than a vacation. It's a tool for learning and success with fun and excitement built in.

Planning, Meet with Zoni Consultant, Choose your perfect academic tour, Get parents on Board

Tour planning:

Ideally, it is best to start planning your school trip between 6 to 9 months in advance. With planning, organizing, fundraising, and getting logistics in place for students and parents, it is best to give yourself plenty of time.

Not only does this help you and the other teachers get all the details in place, but it also helps parents budget for the trip.

Here are some main strongoints to plan in advance:

  • Decide on a destination
  • Get permission from your administrator or principal
  • Arrange needs for chaperones, supervision and volunteers

When you decided partner with Zoni, we make sure all the details are covering as soon as possible to give you a peace of mind. That’s because we build a Zoni team around every teacher who travels with us, giving them completed support every step of the way.

Here are some ways to help you:

  1. If you still do not know which destination, we’ll walk you through all options.
  2. Need help getting your school district understanding and excited about this opportunity, we are ready to help you.
  3. All the trip details we will have it for you and your team.

Meet with Zoni Consultant

Zoni has someone who has experience as a study travel consultant where he/she evaluates current academic tour packages and helps you find the best deal for your preferred destination. At Zoni we have great tour consultants who can present and meet your academic trip goals effectively and help you to book packages quickly. You want a consultant who knows how to create your study travel packages that meet your students' needs and who has a history of great services. What to look for Zoni Consultant:

  • Experienced in the industry specially with young students and parents
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Experienced as a travel consultant with strong efficiency in logistics and details

Choose your perfect academic tour

Get matched with pre-planned bookable itineraries that best fit you and your group. Generally fast and easy to book and the most affordable budget than anyone in the industry.

Fully Tailor-made Trip

Get matched with an expert study travel consultant who specializes in the destinations you want to visit. They will work with you to craft a unique itinerary tailored to your needs. Keep in mind working with a custom planner is typically more expensive but no with Zoni.

Choose your perfect academic tour

  • Choose from great destinations
  • A huge variety of travel styles and activities tailor-made
  • Comfort levels that suit every teacher, student & parent traveler
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Great ratio between cost and quality * Most affordable

Get parents on Board

Zoni has the ultimate guide to promoting a school trip to parents and students. So, you’ve spent the last few months researching destinations, travel providers and debating travel itineraries. The School board or principal has given you the go-ahead to run the trip and you have found a suitable study travel date. Now you need to get the students signed up and the parents on board - Simple! Well, almost. That’s where our ultimate guide to promoting a school trip to parents and students comes in handy.

Getting your educational school trip off the ground isn’t always as straightforward as this. Trips often fail to take off due to low sign up numbers. This can be frustrating especially after the amount of work that goes into getting a trip to this stage.

The most effective way to promote a school trip is by a Zoni Consultant who is ticking all the boxes for students and parents alike. These audiences are very different, but it’s essential that Zoni will speak to both of them. What Zoni does is select an enthusiastic student can persuade a parent to let them go on a trip just as easily as a keen parent can encourage a student onto one! A successful advertising package from Zoni campaign for your trip is essential to get parents and students on board. Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of unlimited time to craft the perfect marketing strategy but Zoni has all the materials and tools to provide it.

That's why Zoni created this ultimate guide to promoting a school trip to make advertising your trip as easy as possible and have the biggest impact. Less time spent on advertising means more time to do the things you care about most, like teaching.

Disclaimer: These services are offered by joining forces between Zoni Institute, Zoni Academy and Zoni Language Centers.

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